Shea butter: properties and application

Shea butter: properties and application

Shea butter is successfully applied many years in cosmetology to skin and hair care. It is the fat received from seeds of the tree growing in Africa. It moisturizes and greases the skin, creates on it protective layer and prevents its drying.

Shea butter - one of the most effective natural cosmetics which mother earth has given us. This specific material received from seeds of fruit of sacred tree nourishes our skin, cares for it and treats it. Wide use of the shea butter also known as karite butter, is known in Africa throughout centuries. Nevertheless, news about surprising properties of extract of seeds of creamy tree has appeared in Europe quite recently. However since then shea butter began to appear in cosmetics for skin care practically all types, nutritious all body lotions and also in conditioners and masks for hair. They are used both in natural, and in usual cosmetics.

Properties of shea butter

It is source of many valuable nutrients for organism. Vitamins A and E which slow down aging process are its part, prevent appearance of wrinkles and dryness of skin. It contains the unsaturated fatty acids getting into deep skin layers. It also contains phytosterols, catechins and polyphenols. The last provide protection against ultraviolet rays.  Shea butter is available in not refined and refined version. The last loses some valuable ingredients during refinement.

 Shea butter for the person

Thanks to the properties is ideal for face care. Well humidifies and increases elasticity, calms irritations and has antibacterial properties. It also does not hammer time and helps to struggle with pimples and spots, regenerates dry, atopic and sensitive skin. Promotes production of collagen thanks to what skin becomes more elastic.

Works as sunblock cream (SPF 5-10), approaches as eye cream — reduces hypostases and reduces dark circles under eyes. It is added to many moisturizing creams, but you can also use it directly on face. It has strong consistence, but melts under the influence of heat. Just warm in hands and put it on face. After drawing there will be oily layer which will be absorbed after a while,

 Shea butter on body

It is possible to use for moistening of all body. Moisturizes and feeds the dry skin, does it to more elastic and even reduces cellulitis and extensions. It also approaches after acceptance of solar bathtubs, calming suntanned skin, accelerating regeneration of epidermis. It is used at burns, will soften reddenings and wounds after shaving. Once it greases heels and elbows.

 Shea butter for hair

For moistening, smoothing and food of dry hair and head skin. Strengthens and tones up locks, prevents the splitting ends and facilitates combing. Protects hair from sunlight, wind and salty water, regenerates and smoothes them.

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