Short hairstyle – opportunity to change the image

Short hairstyle – opportunity to change the image

Hairstyle – incredibly important element of image. Correctly picked up hairstyle - already half of victory. First, you will be able to update quickly enough the appearance and if the hairstyle is short, you will manage to give yourself impudent, sexual look which visually will help to throw off several years.

What of hairstyles will be more preferable to the modern girl who wishes to look as much as possible charming, stylish and most fashionably?

Caret hairstyle

Such hairstyle already long time enjoys improbable popularity. The main feature of this hairstyle is that hair are cut off in a straight line and close ear lobe.

Stylists experiment many years over this hairstyle. It already became peculiar polygon for innovations. You can take away bang or to leave it lowered, to play with asymmetry of lines, to differently profile locks.

If to speak about fashion trends, then now the option of the shortened caret with length of hair which hardly reaches the middle of neck is relevant.

Hairstyle under the boy

At the beginning of the last century this hairstyle has gained recognition of the whole world and has found wide circulation among fashionistas. There was it demanded and today. What can be more fashionable, than hairstyle the waiter?

The hairdresser during hairstyle thins out bang, area of nape and temples, with the purpose to force hair to adjoin as much as possible to the surface of the head. The image as a result turns out at the same time romantic and sexual. At different times with such hairstyle the famous movie stars and models appeared in public: Emma Watson, Natali Portman, Tviggi and Mia Farrow.

Hairstyle bean

If you want your hairstyle to be something average between caret and the waiter, then hairstyle in style bean just for you. With average length of hair 15 centimeters you receive the most elegant hairstyle. However recent trends of fashion are that that the hairstyle has to be the shortest therefore hair can be cut well.

It is not necessary to think that the hairstyle bean does not give any opportunities for manifestation of imagination in change of image. For example, you will be able to leave longer some locks at the person, than all others or you will always have opportunity to play with hair parting. And the main good news that this hairstyle is surprisingly universal and with guarantee will suit practically any girl.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team