Short hairstyles with long bang

Short hairstyles with long bang

Today the unisex has strongly become fashionable. On the street more often it is possible to meet the woman in men's shirt, rough boots, dimensionless sweater and... with short hairstyle.

Many Hollywood stars have given in to this order of the day and have changed image, having changed love for long hair to impudent hairstyle of caret. Among them there are such famous actresses as Ann Hetuey, Pamela Anderson, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence and others. Who suits caret hairstyles with long bang

This hairstyle has pluses and minuses. It is possible to extend with it visually neck, to hide big forehead, to change face form. And the most obvious minus - poor variety in the choice of hairstyles.

The most widespread coloring for such hairstyle – monophonic dark color. It is possible to diversify color, having made ombra on bang, so fallen in love to fashionistas. The caret with the extended braid chelkoyudlinenny slanting bang will be good to look on girls with round and diamond-shaped face. At the expense of short hairstyle and bang the face is visually extended and if in salon to make the correct coloring, then the effect will double. Such bang stack phenom or p the help of the iron on one side. The caret with the extended bang and short zatylkomtaky hairstyle suits owners of ideal shape of skull. It is worth noticing that this hairstyle visually extends nose therefore on it women with rectangular face, accurately expressed cheekbones and small nose can stop the choice. The short hairstyle of piksa from the extended straight line chelkoypryamy bang suits owners of square face that allows to counterbalance face proportions visually. It is necessary to stack such bang on one side, or to twist easy waves. Bean caret with extended chelkoysamy universal hairstyle. The bean with slanting bang helps to correct shape of skull raising nape. Besides, this hairstyle looks is very womanly and is stylish, and also allows to experiment with hairstyles by means of hairpins and curling tongs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team