Short nails: how to return beauty

Short nails: how to return beauty

Very many, especially ladies, believe that beautiful and stylish can be only long nails. It strongly upsets those women who for any reasons cannot have long nails. And they are upset in vain. Short nails are much more convenient and are practical, than long. Now even such trend is noted – long nails become not fashionable. More often it is possible to see short nails at various "stars". How to make short nails beautiful?


1. Beautiful nails are done not so much by length, how many ukhozhennost. The dirty, exfoliating, broken nails will not save any miracles of neyl-art. And it means that the marigold need to pay attention constantly. Regular hygienic manicure is obligatory. Nutritious baths, for example, with addition of sea salt and the moisturizing oil are very useful. It is worth applying also the special means strengthening nail plate. Here also oils for nail care belong, and varnishes like "Smart enamel" which strengthen nail and protect it from negative impacts.

2. It is necessary to learn to form your short nails correctly. It is better to go to the professional manicurist and to look how it is done by her. First of all, the same regularity works here, as for long nails – they have to be identical length. Various length of nails is capable to nullify even effect of good manicure. If nails at you wide, you do not cut off them absolutely shortly, it can spoil type of your hands.

3. Of course, also such aspect as decorative manicure is important. Now in fashion minimalism, and it concerns not only clothes, but also manicure. Therefore it is quite possible to be limited to drawing on nails only of one color of varnish, but if you like patterns – please, it can give to your hands additional charm too. Often consider that short nails can be covered only with not striking light varnishes. It is big mistake. Bright or dark tone of varnish on short nails can look just remarkably too and, by the way, visually nails will extend. You should not be fond of nacreous shades. Much better on short nails the opaque covering looks, it looks much more naturally.

4. If you want to apply the drawing on nails, it needs to be made correctly too. It is not necessary to draw horizontal lines on short nails. The drawing vertically is better to arrange. It will visually extend and will narrow nails. If nails very wide, then vertical pattern or "path" with rhinestones it is necessary to arrange in the middle. One more feature of short nails – they cannot be overloaded with drawings and rhinestones. Large drawings on such nail well will not look, however also other extreme – drawing too small patterns is dangerous. It is better to adhere to "golden mean". Still the nuance – pattern should not cover all area of nail. In the choice of flowers be limited to two-three shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team