Shortcomings and advantages of thick hair

Shortcomings and advantages of thick hair

Thick straight hair, so-called Asian type is pipe dream of huge number of women. As perfectly such hair glint in the sun what magnificent wave they fall on shoulders of the owner! But whether unconditionally girls with such type of hair are happy with the head of hear?

Thick, strong and thick hair is subject of envy of millions of women who were not really lucky with head of hear. But, as we know, the woman is seldom happy she has got what by nature. Not each hairstyle will be suitable for thick hair and not each hairstyle which is carefully created by the stylist will hold on on them longer than couple of hours.

What do advantages of thick hair consist in?

Thick hair receive great food for this reason they have such expressive structure. Roots of thick hair, as a rule, very healthy and strong, and owners of such hair extremely seldom face problem of their loss. Hair of this kind have natural gloss to which emergence it is not necessary to apply special gel gloss.

Very effectively on thick hair various geometrical hairstyles look: sloping temples, asymmetric bang, fragmentary caret and so forth. Besides, owners of hair of this kind can diversify the style with various braids and tails. It is important that on thick hair there is no zalom left from elastic bands and hairpins that is very convenient when it is necessary to dismiss them.

What shortcomings do thick hair have?

Most often hair of thick type – straight lines, and rather not easy to make of them curls, especially in house conditions. Even if generously to process hair varnish or skin and to achieve desired waviness, then after a while all of them are straightened under own weight. By the way, about weight. Such hairstyle as long flowing hair, fantastically effectively looks on girls with thick hair. But than the head of hear is longer, especially the head and the beauty's neck should maintain heavy load. The girl can not realize tension until cuts off hair. Anyway, thick hair are the real gift of the nature which it is necessary to handle carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team