Simple councils for healthy and beautiful face skin

Simple councils for healthy and beautiful face skin

Healthy skin - dream of each person. How to receive the shining skin? There are several principles which each person needs to carry out. It will allow you to have healthy appearance.

Diets nutritious, rich with cellulose:

All health begins with food. Problems with digestion will lead to skin diseases therefore the diet is very important for health. Accepting microelements and vitamins in the necessary quantity, you will help yourselves to keep healthy balance in organism. It is necessary to eat natural products: fish, nuts, light meat, grain, vegetables. Try to avoid the processed and artificial food. Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary element. This substance reduces inflammation on skin, contains in walnuts, fish of fat grades. Eat only healthy food that your skin looked shining.  

To drink water:

Water cleans organism and removes toxins and waste. Our skin consists of water for 15%. It is necessary to drink not less than 2 liters of water a day.  It saves skin from dryness and wrinkles.

To avoid the sun:

The sun promotes production of vitamin D. The morning sun from 7 in the morning to 9 in the morning is useful for skin. However, avoid the sun in lunch time. UV rays are rather strong,  they  damage structure of skin, it can lead to oncological diseases. Use sunblock cream with SPF higher than 45.

To moisturize the skin:

To moisten body from within and outside - it is important. Twice a day clean face. For washing use cold water.

 To purify skin:

How to get rid of dead cells of skin? The regular peeling with use of natural ingredients, such as will help: oat flakes, dried peel of orange or coffee. It to cope with removal of dead cells, dust, pollution and will make skin smooth and faultless.

 To get rid of make-up before going to bed:

The make-up is integral part of any modern woman. It is important to remove completely cosmetics from face skin, lips and eyes by means of the soft cleaning means before going to bed. Otherwise time will be closed, inflammation and acne rash can develop.

Leave stress behind:

Hormones of stress lead to excessive work of sweat and sebaceous glands. The heat bath and healthy sleep will help. 7 - 8 hours of dream are necessary for active mind and beauty. As the option of fight against stress, visit to day spa and the swimming pool, will help to relax your muscles. You can also reduce stress yoga or listen to the weakening music, read books.

Physical activity:

The physical activity is necessary as aerobic exercises increase inflow of oxygen to  cages which helps with neutralization of harmful effects of free radicals. Make daily habit, dances, driving the bicycle, jumps on jump rope, run, walking, something that will force you to sweat! Half an hour, spent for trainings every day, toxins will help organism to remove.  

To receive daily dose of vitamin C:

One of the most important vitamins for healthy and faultless skin, is vitamin C, it helps to improve complexions and to prevent appearance of wrinkles. Regular intake of vitamin C improves production of collagen, increases skin brightness, deletes age spots and pigmentation and increases ability of skin to be protected from harmful effects of rigid UV rays of the sun. Products are rich with vitamin C food: blackcurrant, broccoli, grapes, kiwi, strawberry,  lemon, etc. Vitamin C can also be used in the form of nutritional supplements. It strengthens capillaries that promotes the best transportation of nutrients in cages and to fabrics.

Having added these changes to the way of life, you surely awake to look faultlessly.  These councils are natural daily skin care which will help to purify your skin "from within".  Your body, mind and skin will feel fresh. It is important to remain in shape and to derive from it pleasure.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team