Simple house wrappings

Simple house wrappings

Such saloon procedure as wrapping, has won the hearts of women, but this quite expensive pleasure. And here wrappings in house conditions – budgetary, effectively and pleasantly.

What can be used for house wrappings

The simplest and budgetary fund – clay. It can be bought in drugstore. For bigger efficiency it is possible to add caffeine (too from drugstore) and essential oil of citrus, for example, of lemon. We dissolve clay with water or milk, we add oil. As a result mix of consistence of dense sour cream has to turn out.

If you love cinnamon, then can use this remarkable seasoning – we mix with cocoa and we part with water. It is possible to add a little honey – dense paste has to turn out.

There are also honey wrappings, and in different variations, but for a start it is worth trying basic – apply mix of honey and any essential oil on body. Consider that when heating honey becomes liquid therefore it is necessary to roll up problem sites thoroughly. Honey can be used in combination with coffee, cinnamon, mustard, but pay attention that the last – warming.

For wrappings it is possible to use and – kindle chocolate on water bath, add spoon of ground coffee and you apply on problem sites. If you feel sorry for precious products, then you can use cocoa – you part in warm milk to consistence of dense sour cream, add cinnamon or coffee.

How to do wrappings

For a start, take shower and surely use srub – skin needs to be cleaned as much as possible, and to open time. Then you cause structure, be wrapped in film and for one and a half-two hours to have a rest. It can be viewing the movie or reading the book. After removal of film take shower or bath and surely apply cream that skin was not dry.


Unfortunately, there are also some restrictions. Hot wrappings are contraindicated at varicosity and thrombophlebitis (cold it is possible). At pregnancy all types of wrappings are contraindicated (but it is possible to use srub and to do soft massage). With care it is worth carrying out the procedure that who has diseases of kidneys and cardiovascular system.

Oils, honey, coffee and mustard can become the reason of allergic reactions therefore watch closely the state and God bless you and are beautiful!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team