Simple methods of anti-cellulite massage

Simple methods of anti-cellulite massage

Each girl dreams to have ideal body and beautiful skin, perhaps. Beauty and health give good mood and confidence in own forces. Therefore some defects can drive to despair. What to tell about cellulitis. Many consider it accident, to get rid of hilly deposits incredibly difficult. One of the most effective ways of disposal is massage.

It is possible to register in massage anti-cellulite sessions in salon or to the private expert, and it is possible and to learn to do massage independently. The basic principle of anti-cellulite massage is in forcing organism to fight independently against the stiffened fat cages, having provided to them inflow of blood with the subsequent conclusion of slags. 

The skin warmed by massage begins to get rid of toxins, excess liquid and fat, recovering the correct metabolism. For this reason it is very important to be prepared for session correctly. Skin on problem places needs to be pounded accurately. For bigger efficiency of all procedure of massage it is necessary to use essential oils:

  • almonds;
  • lavender;
  • orange;
  • lemon;

They can be used separately, and it is possible and to mix. Useful properties of oils promote softening of skin and increase in its elasticity. They are applied on the necessary area with slight circular motions which then have to become more and more intensive. The warmed skin slightly will redden. After that it is possible to begin massage.


Intensive grinding of skin fingers of hands is the first stage of massage. Movements should be done from below up as much as possible to improve blood-groove. Then it is possible to pass to circular motions. Fingers it is necessary to press on skin, being gradually displaced up and moving clockwise. The more skin is warmed, the more intensively and quicker there have to be movements of hands. It is possible to knead and squeeze problem zone two hands. It is necessary to feel how the fat layer under skin is displaced. The stiffened fat at the same time is warmed and begins to be removed from organism, and skin in places of its deposits will be smoothed.

Honey massage

For strengthening of nutritious effect it is possible to apply liquid honey to skin. Honey massage is very popular, but it is difficult to do it in house conditions.

At once it is necessary to make a reservation that massage can be painful. Of course, you should not torture own body, but also to spare yourself too senselessly, otherwise the procedure will not be effective. 

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