Simple recipe for appearance skin

Simple recipe for appearance skin

How to make skin faultless without use of expensive creams? All ingenious is simple, it is enough to use darling... porridge!

It is required to you

  • Oat flakes


1. For washing you can use whole oat flakes. However it is better and simpler to process previously them in the coffee grinder (that in addition will protect the sewerage from blockages).

2. Take beautiful jar, fill in it porridge and put on foreground in the bathroom.

3. During morning washing or evening acceptance of shower pour out porridge handful in small cup. Add a little warm water and leave for couple of minutes for dissolution. As an alternative it is possible to clamp handful of flakes in fist and to hold up it under water jet.

4. Softly massage face the received gruel and wash away water. Porridge is surprisingly gentle means for washing. It softly deletes pollution and excess of skin fat.

5. For obtaining deeper effect put oat mask on face and leave for 5-10 minutes.

6. After the first application you will notice result. Porridge excellently is suitable for sensitive skin, she removes redness, irritations and dryness.

7. Porridge not only copes with visible imperfections, but also revitalizes skin from within. It as the magnet, extends all pollution outside. Therefore if in week you will face rashes, be not frightened and continue procedures.

8. Long-term regular washing by porridge will give you the healthy, shining complexion, will help your skin to relax and begin to breathe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team