Simple recipes for appearance eye

Simple recipes for appearance eye

Alas, not always eyes can be made more beautiful only by means of make-up. Dark circles, small wrinkles, irritations need be not to masked, and to remove by means of special massage, creams and other means. It is more beautiful to make eyes not so difficult as can seem at first sight, for this purpose it is necessary to use some simple recipes.

"Goose pads" – very widespread problem. Small wrinkles under eyes can appear from behind habit to squint and wink often. Moreover, even if you will regularly sit, having propped up hands face, you can have "goose pads". Most often the people with poor eyesight who almost are not using lenses and points and also owners of dry sensitive skin face this problem.

To get rid of small wrinkles, it is necessary to get habit to wash only cool water. The fact is that hot water does gentle skin around eyes drier, worsens its state. Also it is recommended to buy special creams and gels which contain glycerin, extract of aloe or green tea. Such means tighten skin, do it to more elastic and help to get rid of small wrinkles under eyes.

It is much more difficult to cope with deep wrinkles, than with "goose pads". Most often they arise with age, however can appear also at young people because of frequent overfatigue or sharp dumping of excess weight. Only integrated approach will help to cope with problem. First, get used to wash only cool water. Secondly, take care of stresses, try not to overtire, get enough sleep. Thirdly, begin to use the cooling masks for century. Fourthly, surely use creams against wrinkles with peptides and vitamins C and E, and going outside on sunny day, also sun-protection means. And, at last, carefully you watch the mimicry and try to squint and frown as seldom as possible.

Dark circles under eyes can arise both at young girls, and at ladies aged. Basic reason of their emergence – deterioration in supply of skin with oxygen. For prevention and disposal of dark circles under eyes it is possible to use massage. The recipe is simple: wash cool water, conveniently sit down or lie down, and then begin to pat carefully lower eyelid fingertips, moving from temple to nose bridge. Try not to touch at the same time upper eyelid as such massage can be harmful to eyeball. Having finished massage, apply on lower eyelid cream or gel with vitamin K and essential oils. These means improve blood supply and provide good care to your skin. Using such simple recipe, you not only will get rid of dark circles under eyes, but also will find clearer, shining, speaking glance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team