Single-phase gel polish: secrets of the correct drawing

Single-phase gel polish: secrets of the correct drawing

Many modern women use gel polishes, these means of decorative cosmetics allow to create not only beautiful, but also very resistant covering for nails, without doing at the same time harm to health and without demanding special financial expenses.

Putting gel polish demands observance of certain rules, otherwise, the covering can look not accurately and will keep on nails not so long as it would be desirable.

Advantages of single-phase gel polish

Gel polishes are used today not only by professionals, but also the ordinary women preferring to do manicure in house conditions. Advantages of such cosmetics are obvious, quality gel polishes do not contain the substances capable to cause allergic reactions, at the same time coating application does not demand strong grinding of nail plate.

 Gel varnishes can be both three-phase, and single-phase and if the first are used only by professionals, then the second can successfully be applied in house conditions. Single-phase gel varnish combines properties of basic covering, basis and the fixing layer therefore it by right can be considered universal remedy for decorative manicure.

Single-phase varnish is applied on nails with one layer, and it is possible to fix it as by means of LED lamp, and ultraviolet.

 Independent putting single-phase gel polish

 Many believe that putting single-phase gel polish on nails does not demand special skills. However it not absolutely so, accuracy in such business as decorative manicure is required always.

Independently to execute covering of nails single-phase gel is delicious, it is necessary to prepare all necessary, namely:

 - liquid for degreasing of nail plates;

 - special lamp;

 - manicure set;

 - gel polish.

For a start nails should be put in order, to grind that they became opaque and to degrease carefully. Now it is possible to start drawing single-phase varnish gel. It should be applied on nails serially in one layer then it is necessary to dry covering under lamp. If the ultra-violet lamp is used, process of drying will take only 1-1.5 minutes if the covering dries under LED lamp, the procedure will take slightly more time (usually time of drying is specified in the instruction).

 Right at the end it is necessary to cover cuts of nail plates with gel polish and to set result by lamp.

After drawing decorative covering it is desirable to process cuticles special manicure oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team