Six ingredients which you should not put on face

Six ingredients which you should not put on face

It happened to you to wash shower gel when the umyvalka for the person suddenly came to an end? And to smear the drying cheeks with hand cream because more nothing was near? And to buy cream, tonic or serum because it was pleasant to your girlfriend or great smells – and at the same time even not to look at the list of ingredients? Having read this article, you, perhaps, will become more careful with the fact that you apply to face skin – your fine, precious face skin as the same substances can be absolutely necessary in some products, shampoos, for example, and are absolutely unacceptable in others. So, of what it is worth being careful in the products intended for face skin?

Tretinoin (Retin-A, retinoic acid)

This product is everywhere advertized as wonderful substance against acne and for skin aging prevention, however, it has to be used carefully as it is very aggressive – tretinoin thins skin and can cause serious irritation. In the address with the products containing Retin-A owners of dry skin have to be especially careful.

Glycol is sawn through

This substance is used also for absorption of excess liquid and to keep moisture in various products, cosmetics and so on, up to aromatic mixes for electronic cigarettes, but we are interested, generally shampoos, hair conditioners and indelible styling sprays. Glycol is sawn through - it is definitely not with what you want to smear face even if you use shampoo droplet quickly to remove make-up when near at hand there is nothing more suitable. Remember, propylene glycol is toxic. Equally well it is possible to pour antifreeze on the person.

Sodium lauryl sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate usually meet in shampoos and toothpaste as is responsible for foaming. Besides, this substance is used automobile shampoos and means for degreasing of the engine. That to the car it is good, to the person – the most powerful allergen which can cause irritation on skin, trouble breathing and to cause serious damage to the immune system. Avoid it as fire!


These preservatives are used in huge number of personal hygiene means to prolong the term of their validity. And again - with sensitive skin it is better for people to avoid parabens because they can cause irritation. Besides that these preservatives cause allergy, there is question of their safety in general when the organism absorbs them in large number. Parabens can stimulate production of estrogen so researchers are disturbed by risk of breast cancer and stimulation of puberty at children.

Shea butter

Shea butter is the just improbable moistening means, but only for your body! Owners of oily skin and enlarged pores in particular have to avoid shea butter on own face as it with success hammers time and can strengthen zhirootdeleniye.

Vitamin E in oil

Despite its recovery properties, you should not use oil with vitamin E in pure form – too often it hammers time and causes allergic rash and even the naggers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team