Skin care around eyes and eyelashes

Skin care around eyes and eyelashes

Skin around eyes the thinnest is more subject to appearance of wrinkles. Therefore it requires special attention and leaving. It is better if you begin to do it since 20-22. Some means besides that will help to prevent appearance of wrinkles and to get rid of bags under eyes, also will make your cilia more attractive, dense and long.


1. Since morning wipe eyes with ice cubes. And it is better if you prepare such cubes from infusion of herbs: the calendula, camomile, lime color - will help to make skin of softer and will humidify it; plantain leaves, oak bark, green tea, mint - will reduce shadows under the eyes; also cubes from the fresh ground made coffee well struggle with puffiness and bags under eyes.

2. Use eye cream. Do not save on this product. Till 25 flyings use moistening cream; from 25 to 32 - nutritious; from 32 to 40 - nutritious with effect of lifting; after 40 - cream with strong lifting effect. Pay attention that cream has to be absorbed well, should not leave behind ""film"", i.e. after cream use you should not feel discomfort, and skin has to breathe. It is good if in structure there is lanolin, vitamins A, E and various extracts from plants.

3. Several times a week grease for the night skin around eyes with mix of oils: germs of wheat, dogrose, grape seeds with addition of essential oil of not role. Mix oils in equal proportions in small bottle, on 100 ml of oil will be enough 3-4 drops radio, you store in the dark place. Before each application stir up and you apply small amount with the patting movements around eyes and on cilia, but so that mix has not got into eyes. Skin will become more elastic and humidified, and eyelashes will become more dense and long.

4. One - two times a week do nutritious masks. Of course, it is possible to simplify task and to buy ready, but it is better to make. For this purpose take: 1 tsps of hydrolat of rose; 1/2 tsps of glycerin; 1/2 tsps of oil of garnet stones; 2 capsules of vitamin E; 2 capsules of vitamin A; 1/2 tsps of peptides of silk; 2 drops of hyaluronic acid; 2 drops of essential oil of seeds of carrots; 1 tablespoons of badger fat. Way of preparation: kindle badger fat on water bath, let's cool down slightly and implicate all ingredients. Method of application: apply to previously cleaned skin around eyes thick layer, in 15-20 minutes wash away water with use of gel for washing. From such mask of eyelash will improve the appearance. You store mask in jar, in the fridge. Do not forget about mask from slices of cucumber and puree of avocado.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team