Skin care around eyes: house masks

Skin care around eyes: house masks

Skin care around eyes - very important aspect of maintaining beauty and youth. In this area skin begins to grow old most quicker. And there are quite plain skin care products around eyes

Eyes – the window to the soul, is not secret for anybody. And at the same time eyes are, probably, the most expressive part of body. Therefore skin care around eyes is especially important. The eye area one of the first gives in to aging and its first signs exactly here are shown.

What has to be skin care around eyes

Skin care around eyes needs to be begun at quite early age – approximately in 20-25 years. And it is several reasons for that:

  • epidermis layer in here very thin;
  • skin around eyes practically does not contain hypodermic fat cellulose, sebaceous glands and muscles which help to maintain elasticity;
  • collagenic fibers in this area of the person are provided by grid which also cannot provide elasticity;
  • hypodermic cellulose of eye area quite friable that can lead to hypostases.

Proceeding from it, it is possible to draw conclusion that one of the main problems of skin around eyes is loss of elasticity. Certainly, it is possible to get expensive means to achieve the necessary result, but nevertheless it is worth glancing in "grandmother's bast basket" and to address national recipes which are not less effective.

Folk remedies on skin care around eyesQuite effective remedy wiping of skin around eyes is considered ice cube. This procedure not only moisturizes the skin, but also strengthens inflow of blood and promotes increase in elasticity and elasticity. It is possible to use both usual water, and broths of herbs – camomiles, parsley, mints.

One more simplest means known for all – compresses from tea leaves. However for these purposes it is possible to use not only tea. So, for example, the compress from broth of calendula will help to prevent formation of wrinkles. Also for compresses it is possible to use various oils, for example, olive. Such compresses will help to return elasticity to skin and will make it humidified.

For increase in elasticity the century is the mass of recipes of masks. One of the simplest and available – mask from banana and butter. Mix ingredients in equal shares and apply to eyelid skin approximately on quarter of hour, and then just wash away warm water.

One more plain mask for century – from apricot. For its preparation you need to knead apricots in gruel and on one tablespoon of such puree to take teaspoon of fat sour cream. Carefully mix components and apply to eyelid skin for 15 minutes then wash away warm water.

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