Skin care from the youth

Skin care from the youth

Even beautiful skin by nature loses the look over the years therefore it is necessary to look after it from the youth. For this purpose it is enough to perform simple procedures in house conditions.

Some women who have received by nature clean velvet, with equal and beautiful color skin, fondly believe that their skin does not demand leaving. They strongly are mistaken. Without appropriate care their skin will quickly lose the look. Of course, this is not about difficult saloon procedures, and about simple home care. Here some features of home day spa.

Skin care lasts day and night, from morning to evening. In the morning skin is enough to be refreshed with tonic structure and to apply suitable cream, without forgetting that in frosts it has to be protective, rather fat cream, and in the flying – light texture with sun-protection properties.

Means for make-up have to contain natural components which will not only emphasize beauty, but also to protect skin, to look after her for all day. At the end of the day, skin needs more thorough training by the night. The fact is that the organism starts all processes and mechanisms on recovery of face skin at night. Then blood circulation on organism improves and its inflow to the person increases that promotes recovery of color. Those vitamins which contain in composition of cream do not love sunlight therefore in large numbers they contain in night cream. Under the influence of darkness its active agents become active and penetration into deep skin layers improves.

Before putting cream it is important to exempt the person from the pollution which have settled for all day carefully. One tonic not to manage here. Carefully it is possible to wash away cosmetics by means of different means: skins, gel, cosmetic soap, etc. For the best interaction of the means put on face it is necessary to get rid of dry parts of epidermis, using srub or gommage. After that to wipe with the sponge moistened with tonic face. You should not forget also about care for area of lips and eyes. Lips, as well as face, we clean from devitalized particles, we mass and we grease. The sets of creams and serums intended for fight against the first wrinkles and hypostases are developed for maintenance of beauty of skin around eyes.

Important component of care for face skin is the full-fledged dream in the correct situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team