Skin rejuvenation methods

Skin rejuvenation methods

How to prolong skin youth what option to choose and what cosmetic procedures exist

Each woman wants to see herself in mirror young, happy and beautiful. This desire is natural to everyone as well as age changes of appearance of the woman are natural. Negative factors of the environment badly influence healthy skin. Thereby, skin loses natural collagen which gives it smoothness and elasticity. With age also the ability of skin to updating decreases, in cages the metabolism slows down, there are hormonal changes.

These are natural factors of aging, improper feeding, abuse of cosmetics and excessive hobby for suntan, at some – addictions join them. As a result, wrinkles, folds are formed, skin loses elasticity, the face form becomes less accurate.

Most of women at young age begin to fight against skin aging. It is possible to find in any shop of cosmetics for every taste wrinkles medicines for young women. It can be creams, oils, serums, masks, etc. Competent skin care is capable to protect from dryness, influence of ultraviolet rays and other negative factors, and such leaving is necessary for each girl. But hardly it will help to cope with cardinal age changes – appearance of wrinkles, dryness of skin, etc.

However you should not worry. Let's better consider what there are achievements presently in the field of cosmetology which will help women to look a little much younger. Today there are two main methods – operational and injections of rejuvenation. Both options equally help to get rid of wrinkles, to level face form, to remove folds. Operational method – the radical decision for any woman, it is used at the expressed age changes. Plastic surgery is serious surgical intervention, several hours last and it is spent under the general anesthesia. Such method assumes long restoration as on face several weeks remain hypostasis. "Rejuvenation injections", "youth pricks" - mean introduction of medicine under skin by means of needle. This method allows without cardinal operational interventions for, about, an hour to become much younger. This procedure is simple and convenient, does not demand a lot of time, the general anesthesia and long restoration. What of options to choose, solve to the woman, the main thing that this choice was conscious. It is necessary to collect maximum of information and to consult the professional cosmetologist. It is possible that injections of various rejuvenating medicines and surgical intervention it is not necessary for women at all. Perhaps, in our life it is enough to follow several simple rules – healthy nutrition, walks in the fresh air, moderate physical activities - and radical methods of rejuvenation can and it is not required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team