Sleeping Beauty: 8 rules for dream

Sleeping Beauty: 8 rules for dream

The person sleeps on average 8 hours – rather significant time for various processes in organism. The dream helps to be restored to not only nerves, but also our skin – therefore do not think that with departure in bed your obligations for care for it stop. What rules should conform to use dream time with advantage for appearance?


1. You sleep on silk or satin pillow. These materials will prevent sputyvaniye of your hair during sleep and also they do not leave marks on skin and do not provoke wrinkle. Also smooth materials are much more delicate in relation to hair, and do not result in their fragility or section.

2. You sleep on spinetaky situation during sleep helps to prevent appearance of wrinkles whereas the constant pressure upon skin at other positions (on one side or stomach) only accelerates their emergence. Often it is even slightly more wrinkles on the face on that party on which the person has got used to sleep. Also the dream on spin helps to get rid of hypostases and bags under eyes. If you suffer from them especially strongly – use high pillow.

3. Moistening, moistening and once again uvlazhneniyedlya that skin was equal and smooth in the morning, prefer night cream with the intensive moistening operation, and it is even better – with hyaluronic acid. This component just attracts moisture in integuments and prevents its evaporation that is the most excellent prevention of appearance of wrinkles. Cosmetologists also not to forget recomenduyua and other areas: before going to bed you apply the moisturizing lotion on body, balm on lips and even serum or oil on eyelashes.

4. Change more often navolochkiva should change pillowcase not less than two times a week to prevent reproduction of bacteria on it and emergence of rashes and also it is obligatory to overturn pillow in other days.

5. Include humidifier. You, of course, have heard a lot about that, it is how important to drink a lot of water for beautiful skin – but it is hardly possible during sleep! Therefore include for the night humidifier of vokhdukh – especially in the winter when skin especially suffers from dryness.

6. Avoid some salty food and alcohol before going to bed! Both alcohol, and salt lead to organism dehydration, and as compensation it collects natural liquid of organism around eyes, as well as in other places, leading to hypostases.

7. Hair upward! Great idea – to collect hair upward before you go to sleep. It will prevent their friction about pillow and skin, leading to irritations on face and we sukushchitsya to tips on hair. Ideally hair can be wrapped silk scarf, however and the bunch also prekrsno works. But be careful – hair cannot be tightened strongly at all, otherwise they will begin to drop out.

8. Never you go to bed with make-up. Always in the most thorough way wash before going to sleep – in the return case you risk to become the owner of the clogged-up pores, heat-spots and the inflamed eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team