Small secrets"" chemical wave of eyelashes

Small secrets"" chemical wave of eyelashes

girl dreams of the long, twirled up and dense eyelashes. Not all girls by nature have those. At someone short, but magnificent, or long, but rare and all dream of ideal eyelashes. And how dream to turn in byl? Only the few know this "small secret".

Chemical wave of eyelashes - what is it?

You have decided to make smart eyelashes and have stopped the choice on wave. The chemical wave is great choice, it will not take a lot of time, the professional will make everything that you were happy. This wave will make your eyelashes tightened up, long and dense. Eyelashes will be expressive, will emphasize your identity and will force all to pay to you attention. They can be painted and even to remove from them make-up with special means.

How many does this chemical wave keep? At this procedure, eyelashes keep up to three months, then it is necessary to carry out correction. When there passes term, eyelashes lose the look and become not such as were earlier. Correction allows to return everything on the places and takes much less time, than at the beginning of the procedure.

Stages of the procedure of chemical wave

  • ·       Remove all the make-up;
  • ·       Pick up the correct size of hair curlers;
  • ·       Attach hair curlers along the line of growth of eyelashes special glue. Eyelashes which from below, too process special means that they have not stuck together with upper eyelashes. Soon apply special cream on roots of eyelashes or on hair curlers, further converter and after a while, remove hair curlers;
  • ·       Surely, after this procedure it is necessary to paint eyelashes as they after wave are clarified, but not earlier than in two days after the procedure.
  • ·       Everything that is necessary for chemical wave, is in instructions, essence of this procedure one, but there are nuances. For example, producer of hair curlers and so on.
  • ·       This procedure does not bear any harm. For strengthening of eyelashes three times a week you apply oils: peach and almond.
  • ·       Accept vitamins, such as And, E, B5 which are in such products as fish and fruit.
  • ·       Buy special eyelash balm which does eyelashes strong and dense in shop.

Be beautiful and charming!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team