Small secrets of bright look

Only several trifles will make your look extraordinary attractive!


That small wrinkles, swellings and bruises did not spoil your look, it is necessary to begin with leaving. First of all let's understand as we... we sleep. Whether know you that for dream temperature not higher than 19 degrees is optimum? At this temperature the intensity of dark circles under eyes decreases, this temperature is ideal for blood circulation. Also it is necessary to sleep on high pillows: the absence of hypostases is provided!

Now about conditioning agents. It is necessary to store in the fridge only creams with light texture. Heavy means will stiffen, and you should ""rub"" them in skin that very much injures it. For disposal of wrinkles and swellings the best means are special cosmetic plasters. Paste them under eyes every night, and you risk to drown in the sea of compliments concerning clear eyes soon.

But you should not forget also about folk remedies! Compresses from black tea, chopped parsley and crude potato are not less effective. Only you remember that just to put parsley leaves to eyes it is useless, and substances necessary for eyes are only in black tea.

Effective remedy is massage. Symmetrically press on eyebrow over nose bridge, then pass to the center, then - to the termination. Massage whisky. Press ten times on border of lower eyelid and edge of orbital bone. And now record fingers skin on temples and, zazhmuryas, count up to 5. And now several times blink. On everything 5 minutes will leave at most, and the look will change. And the warm compress which should be imposed, besides, on forehead will help to take off fatigue. Muscles will relax, blood circulation in the field of century will improve.


At first couple of secrets: - tweezers for eyelashes it is possible to heat several seconds phenom. If they are absent near at hand, you can use... teaspoon. - take pencil for century before sharpening in the freezer.

And now we pass to make-up! Before drawing line the liner, make the sketch pencil. At line prorisovyvaniye eyeliner you hold brush flatwise by century. We do not forget about support (for example, about table).

Do you want ""cat's"" section of eyes? Then it is necessary not only to trace accurately arrow and to shade shadows, but also it is correct to apply ink: on diagonal, from internal corner of eye to external.

The droplet of flickering shadows on the center of upper eyelid will force look to sparkle, and the white stroke under eyebrow will raise them. If near at hand there are no flickering shadows, it is possible to use lip gloss. However you remember that with age it is necessary to refuse blinking and gloss, otherwise it will emphasize imperfections of skin.

Yellowish whites of the eyes can be disguised light blue pencil or shadows. Just apply them on lower eyelid! Also it is relevant if you want to disguise fatigue and sleep debt. More drastic remedy for masking of fatigue and circles under eyes - concealer. Peach will perfectly hide brown-green bruises, beige - violet, and apricot - blue. If to apply it only in corner of eye and on the internal third of the century, it as much as possible will hide shortcoming. And it is better to use it in the last turn: at the same time you will hide the showered shadows.

Also I want to warn against one gross blunder: do not circle eye with pencil or eyeliner entirely! It will make them less.

Be irresistible!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team