Smart hair, saturated color: how to choose means for coloring?

Smart hair, saturated color: how to choose means for coloring?

The woman always wants to look faultlessly. The self-assured lady is surrounded with attention of men. With the advent of the first gray hair of the woman strongly are upset, lose the confidence. It seems to them that people around will surely notice gray hair, and there is a wish to get rid of it quicker. The best way to hide gray hair is to dye hair.

Even one thousand years ago women tried to hide gray hair. The gray hair was considered as sign of aging, and the woman always wants to look young yes beautiful. In these times for painting of gray hair used henna and grass infusions. To modern women will cope with this problem absolutely simply. On shelves of shops the huge choice of hair-dyes. It is necessary to pick up only correctly shade and to decide on the choice of firm. And for this purpose it is worth understanding flowers and types of paints.


Hair-dye contains chemical and natural dyes. During coloring they get deeply into hair core. Produce hair-dyes with ammonia and without it. Experts recommend to people to use with large number of gray hair paints with ammonia. Only they can paint over gray hair and that not always. Besides, bezammiachny paints are quicker washed away. To achieve desirable color, it is necessary to adhere to instructions on packing. It is impossible to hold paint on hair longer at all, than it is specified in the instruction.

After coloring it is necessary for to look after hair correctly. For this purpose there are special shampoos and conditioners. For laying of dyed hair use means with ultra-violet filters. Protect hair from burning out in the sun.

Henna, basma, coloring shampoos

Not only adult women dye hair. Sometimes thus girls try to draw attention to themselves or to cardinally change image from the brunette having turned into the blonde. If you have no gray hair and you are not going to change considerably color, and only want to add to hair gloss or to shade them, it is possible to use henna and basmy. These dyes carefully paint hair and do not destroy their structure. But they are not suitable for chemically curled hair. To add to color of intensity, use coloring shampoo, cream or balm. Unfortunately, so to make hair is lighter it will not turn out. Only is one tone more dark.

National methods

Fans of traditional medicine can use methods of our ancestors and dye hair by means of juice and shell of walnuts (for brown shades), infusion of camomile, rhubarb and broth of peel of onions (for light tones). Such natural dyes not only will shade hair, but also will make them soft and strong.

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