Smooth legs for a long time

Smooth legs for a long time

There has come the summer, heat, rest, well and of course, it is time open clothes. The most effective part of female body which makes impression on men is beautiful legs. As is well-known to all girls, only smooth and well-groomed legs are beautiful. What will help to keep smoothness of legs for a long time?

There are many types of removal of undesirable vegetation. It should be noted two most effective methods: waxing and sugaring. Wax very well deletes hairs, pulling out them together with root that yields quite long result. The sugaring is very similar on technology, the truth its result less long. Plus sugaring is that it almost painless, and the procedure can be repeated more often. Having chosen one of these ways which to you to liking, depilate. But there is more to come. To set effect of smoothness and to prolong it as long as possible, it is necessary to use the checked folk remedies.

Grape juice or wine vinegar

Buy in the market the most usual home-made grapes for preparation of wine or compote. If you do not find it, then just pick up green grapes of any acid grades. Properly wash out berries, and soak them in cold water better. Place berries in the blender or the mixer and process in puree. Then, by means of gauze or sieve, wring out juice in glass capacity. In one or two hours after epilation, moisten cotton pad in grape juice and properly wipe the processed sites of skin (leg). Do such procedure within three days after epilation twice per day. Grape juice has high acidity which destroys hair bulbs, and respectively hairs cease to burgeon. The same principle and at wine vinegar. Also, moisten cotton pad in vinegar and wipe with it legs.

Tincture on walnuts

20 immature nuts will be necessary for you. It is necessary to remove green shell from these nuts, to cut it in cubes and to fill in 200 ml. vodka or medical alcohol. There, slice one lemon. To insist in the dark cold place within 10 days. In tincture it is necessary to moisten cotton pad and also, twice a day, for three days from the moment of epilation, wipe skin. Nuts perfectly destroy bulbs, interfere with repeated growth, alcohol narrows pores, and the lemon adds additional gloss and smoothness to your skin.

Here several simple and available recipes of beauty for your legs!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team