Smooth legs for a long time: how to choose epilator

Smooth legs for a long time: how to choose epilator

of epilators and nozzles to them. Choice of optimal variant.

All know well that after removal of undesirable hair by means of epilator, their subsequent growth considerably slows down and is about one month. The principle of work of epilator absolutely differs from impact on hair of the safety razor. The razor only cuts off hair near skin, but in the course of epilation hairs are pulled out together with the hair bulbs.

Such way helps to achieve long-term effect after epilation of hair because process of forming of new bulb of hair demands a lot of time. In addition modern epilators are complemented with the devices which are specially developed for them for anesthesia of the procedure of removal of hair.

Modern models of epilators have several couples of disks or tweezers from steel at once. At rotation of disks they adjoin with each other thanks to what there is disposal of integument of undesirable hair. To get rid of pain in the course of epilation the producers of these devices include brushes which reproduce massage of skin at epilation in their equipment. They create such vibrations which are capable to save from pain.

One more device for anesthesia the cooling mitten is considered. This adaptation needs to be cooled in the deep freeze in advance therefore in the course of the procedure the mitten helps to cool the angry integument, so, to get rid effectively of presence of pain. Models of epilators which in the complete set mean availability of the cooling mittens have the highest prices, but the pain developing in the course of shaving is eliminated with the advent of pleasant feelings.

For prevention of appearance of pain in the course of removal of hair in zone of bikini or armpits other anesthesia is used. For its implementation on the device the special nozzle which possesses smaller number of tweezers is fixed therefore skin is not exposed to strong extension that promotes reduction of pain and prevention of injuries of skin to sensitive places.

Modern epilators can be two types. These are single-speed models which main advantage available cost and also 2-speed epilators which are capable to help to get rid even of the most fine hair at installation of the minimum speed of rotation is considered. Unlike the first model they do not tear hairs and too delete them together with hair bulb.

Now all epilators which are available in the market of household devices can be divided into two types is the accumulator devices and devices receiving food from electrical network. The choice of epilator concerning this characteristic depends on preferences of the person. If interfere with the girl in the course of epilation the dangling cords and stay about the socket, then it is better to give preference to use of the device working by means of the batteries which are recharged in the accumulator. If the person constantly forgets about recharge of the accumulator and for it availability of cords is not problem, then the most preferable the model with electric food is considered. But it will not be suitable for use at all in the bathroom as at contact with water it can be life-threatening.

Usually various nozzles for holding procedure of epilation or the cooling mitten are required to be bought in addition after acquisition of the main device. But if you with ease endure pain in the course of epilation and also are not going to get rid by means of epilator of undesirable hair in the field of bikini or armpits, then it is possible to buy the most budgetary model which has no nozzles and anesthetics of devices in complete set.

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