Spa-care in house conditions

Spa-care in house conditions

Presently among women spa-procedures which continually provide specialized salons are very popular. But many women do not find either funds, or even time for their visit. Therefore Spa can arrange in the own bathroom. Let procedures and means for Spa will differ a little from saloon, but you get pleasures not less.

Than spa-procedures are useful? It, of course, conditions of relax and full pleasure when your body derives pleasure. And, undoubtedly, each woman should indulge herself adoption of such procedures from time to time.

Before beginning, it is necessary to create the corresponding situation at first: to curtain windows, to include easy melodious melody, to light set of candles, to create around condition of silence and rest. Has to distract nothing you therefore it is necessary to be fenced off from the outside world and to switch-off all phones

What needs to be made for the Spa organization in house conditions?

  • The considerable role in the procedure is given to smells. The aroma has to be gentle and not sharp. It will be created by special aromatic candles and aromas.
  • We prepare the bathroom. Water should not be hotter at all or cold. Temperature has to be comfortable for your body. It is allowed to add several drops of essential oil to water. Having plunged into bathtub, close eyes, try to relax and not to think of anything.
  • Also it is possible to add liter of milk or kefir to water. Both of these products are useful to body skin. Well, and, of course, for a change it is possible to add various broths of curative herbs.  Remember that it is impossible to spend much time in water. For the procedure there will be enough also 20-30 minutes.
  • After acceptance of bathtub it is necessary to apply with accurate massage movements on body srub. You should not forget also about the person. Skin needs to be cleaned, and then to put face pack (nutritious, moistening or vitamin).
  • Special antistress cocktail perfectly will be suitable for full relaxation. Its structure: drop of essential oil of ylang-ylang, sandal-wood tree drop, two drops of oil of grapefruit, 1/2 teaspoons of oil of nut and jojoba oil. This structure is intended for drawing on area of temples (fingertips it is necessary to mass gently skin within 2-3 minutes).
  • After all procedures the body needs to be rinsed with contrast shower carefully. It is necessary to accept it not less than 5 minutes.
  • After shower we remove residues of moisture soft towel. Skin it is impossible to rub, it is necessary to blot it only accurately.
  • Put the soft moisturizing or nutritious cream on face. Do not forget to make at the same time massage, patting skin fingertips.
  • Body oil is applied on body. It is better if someone helps you with it, having made the weakening massage.
  • Foot and hand it is necessary to grease plentifully with fat nutritious cream and to put on special socks and gloves.
  • The cup of fragrant herbal tea for full relaxation will finish the procedure.

Spa-procedures are very useful both to your appearance, and to internal state. Therefore do not feel sorry for time and give to this amazing pleasure several hours a week. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team