SPA procedures of the house

SPA procedures of the house

The present crazy rhythm of life, unfortunately, does not allow many women to find for itself favourite enough time. Along with it, the number of work and responsibility everything grows, affecting appearance and the state of health of women. How to take off the collected fatigue, negative and stress, having kept within time minimum?

The answer to this question is simple – if there is no opportunity to visit regularly Spa-salon, it is possible to arrange his houses. Here too there are two options of succession of events: to rely on itself or to invite the expert.

Let's consider independent option. 

First of all, it is necessary to remain at least for hour one and to dismiss all problems. Water in the bathroom can be diversified with any useful ingredients – aromatic salts, foams, candles which can be placed on perimeter and many other things that it gives pleasure will be appropriate. At this time it is possible to make face pack. And the main thing is to forget about everything!

It will be useful to make before the bathroom to himself massage with use of essential oils, and after that, without washing away them previously, to plunge for a while into the bathroom. Then, having taken cool shower, it is necessary to blot body with soft towel absolutely easily. The effect of such procedure is practically equated to effect of sauna.

Water in the bathroom can be diluted slightly with milk and fruit or almond oil and honey. Such bathtub will make skin much more silky and more softly.

As for dependent option, in house conditions of the Spa-procedure it is possible to carry out by means of the expert invited to the house or with use of the special equipment.

So, acceptance of bathtub will become even more effective and pleasant if to use the hydromassager. It is executed in the form of bath mat full of holes which, working by the principle the return vacuum cleaner, is capable to make of usual bathtub intact jacuzzi.

If to invite to the house of the professional, then everything becomes much simpler. However with special responsibility it is worth approaching the choice of the expert – announcements of the provided services are not enough, it is more important comments on each specific person, and it is better to receive them from the acquaintances.

Such procedures are simply necessary for female body for maintaining beauty and youth. But what of ways to choose – each woman has to solve independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team