SPA procedures with use of bananas

SPA procedures with use of bananas

Using bananas, it is possible to spend the presents of the SPA procedure. It was considered to be earlier that bananas should be eaten only, they contain huge amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins. Now this fruit is used also for maintenance of external beauty.

Do various masks and creams of banana pulp. They are used for holding procedures which by efficiency can easily compete to those that offer elite beauty shops.

1. Take one or two kilograms of beautiful and ripe bananas, peel them and grind pulp in puree, using grater, the blender or other make-shifts. As you will carry out the SPA procedure, natural and essential oils will be necessary for you. Add 3 tablespoons of almond oil to the received bananas puree. Pour in mix in bathtub with warm water. This gruel has to be dissolved there thanks to what water will be saturated with useful substances. To steep in pleasure, you can add favourite essential oil (several drops) to water. Not only process of care for body and skin, but also influence of aromas on your psychological state mean the SPA procedure. That is why, having chosen darling has begun to smell oils, you will be able to plunge into the world of banana miracle. Before such bathroom it is recommended to carry out peeling of skin by means of srub which can be got in shop or to make independently. So you purify the leather from the keratosic particles, and it as much as possible will absorb in itself useful substances. Also pay attention to banana wrappings which are thought up to restore process of natural regulation of skin, to tighten and tone up and also to relax her.

2. Take several ripe bananas and mash them in puree to which add couple of teaspoons of peach oil. Apply this mix on body with thin layer, wrap these places film and warm them (take cover blanket or put on warm dressing gown). In 40 minutes wash away puree cool water.

3. Grind several bananas in gruel. Take yogurt without sugar (or cream) and add to gruel of 5 tablespoons. Here pour 2 spoons of oatmeal. Mix everything, apply to skin thin layer, cover with film and be warmed. It is possible to wash away gruel 40 minutes later cool water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team