Spanish anti-cellulite massage

Spanish anti-cellulite massage

If to ask the average woman that she thinks of anti-cellulite massage, then answers will be approximately such: Painfully! Awfully painfully! It near the truth. Besides there is also psychological moment. Though cellulitis is also not disease, and has purely esthetic character, it can easily make the life miserable. Usual anti-cellulite massage is accompanied by physical discomfort that causes also psychologically reasonable discontent with. Quite another matter - the Spanish anti-cellulite massage.

To whom is it shown?

If you have problems with excess weight, orange-peel and loss of contour of figure, then this massage for you.

In what its feature?

If to take a detached view, then it seems that the patient is just stroked and sometimes on his skin slightly press. Actually to the patient carry out complex of the manual procedures improving microblood circulation. Massage strengthens lipolysis (removes liquid) and activates metabolism. The elasticity and tone of skin and also increase in its regenerating properties will be result.

After traditional massage with its power influence bruises and hypostases are frequent owing to what the patient can even gain couple of excess centimeters. The Spanish massage will allow you to lose up to 5 cm for one session.

In case of carrying out the full course including 10-15 sessions you with guarantee receive weight reduction and detox effect. Slags and toxins will be removed from organism, will instantly feel better, more vigorously and more great.

Additional bonus to anti-cellulite properties of this massage will be and relaxing. During the session it is possible even to fall asleep. Can you imagine it at classical massage? Similar relaxation of muscles well influences nervous system, helping organism to be restored. This good means for stress relief and prevention of its emergence.

The varicosity is contraindication at classical massage, but the Spanish massage is allowed both at veins, and at problems on female part (gynecologic diseases).

The distinctive feature of this massage is unique individual approach to each patient. The tough scheme of carrying out is absent. The skilled professional adjusts the actions depending on condition of the specific patient taking into account specifics of its organism. In total there are more than 100 various receptions which are combined.

The effect reached as a result has long character. It is separately necessary to note the speed of achievement of effect. Any other type of massage does not allow to receive such results in so short time.

However at the Spanish anti-cellulite massage it is necessary to trace the volume of the consumed liquid, it has to be not less than 1.5-2 liters.

As practice shows, holding procedures 2-3 times a week is considered sufficient that excludes need of daily traditional visit of the massage therapist. The course means 10-15 procedures with the subsequent repetition each half a year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team