Speaking glance. Secret of youth of your eyes

Speaking glance. Secret of youth of your eyes

Unfortunately, years do not stand still. Time flies, and already in the mornings in mirror looks tired reflection at you, with the swelled up a little centuries, folds and bags under eyes.

It is unprofitable to buy expensive cosmetics and in beauty shops too services are too expensive? That around eyes there were no wrinkles and hypostases, and the look shone brightly by force and youth, it is not necessary to spend big money for visit of cosmetologists at all. R


Whether you follow rules of withdrawal for sleeping? Do you sleep seven-eight hours? And meanwhile, at night the organism spends all forces for restoration of the resources. Our task is to ensure sufficient time for dream. And in the correct, suitable conditions.

Surely air the room before going to bed. Avoid watching movies, news in the evening not to excite nervous system. It is necessary to sleep in complete darkness and silence.

Try to fall asleep lying on spin, and then on your face there will be no wrinkles and folds in the morning. It is the best of all to choose pillow small, not too soft. Limit intake of liquid in the evening to avoid hypostases in the mornings. Full-fledged and healthy sleep - half of success in your fight for beauty and health.

Eye care

Regular skin care around eyes is necessary for beautiful appearance:

  • Compresses for eyes from cool and warm water will remove puffiness. Tea bags will give also good effect. They need to be made, wrung out, to cool and put a little on eyes.
  • To wipe eye area with ice pieces from the made camomile, linden. Wrap ice in napkin and it is careful, without pulling skin, do circular massage in the morning and in the evening. Surely remove make-up special means or the cotton pad moistened in olive oil in the evenings, let your eyes will have a rest at night.
  • Masks for appearance of eyes from cucumber or crude potatoes will perfectly smooth small wrinkles and will remove blue. Stir crude yolk with droplet of oil of peach or apricot, apply mix around eyes - such mask will give tone to your skin.

Do not forget about the moisturizing cream and light massage, use all these means regularly, and the appearance at you will change.

Make-up for beautiful eyes

Correctly picked up make-up will disclose beauty of your eyes. The most important — in everything to observe measure.

Let your Maykop will be natural, imperceptible if, of course, it is not necessary for you on party. Before applying cosmetics, surely use the moisturizing cream, so it will be easier for you to hide shortcomings.

You learn in skill to choose shadows to match of eyes, to combine them among themselves. Treat with all responsibility the make-up, it reflects yours internal spirit.

Speaking glance

Expression and force of our look directly depends on about what and what thoughts at us. The emotional spirit, intellectual development - all this reflect our eyes.

Read a lot of good literature, stop to watch useless soap operas and show. Study, open every day for yourself something new. Learn foreign languages.

Try to rejoice to every day contrary to life and problems, and then your look will radiate magnetism, intelligence and force.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team