Spots from pimples: effective ways of treatment

Spots from pimples: effective ways of treatment

Very often spots from pimples appear as a result of the wrong problem skin care. You should not squeeze out independently pimples at all, after that on face there will be traces. Also the spot can be formed if in time not to disinfect inflammation. Of course, it is possible just to disguise all imperfections on skin by means of cosmetics, however it is better to get rid of them completely.

One of the most effective and effective ways for disposal of post-acne is the cosmetic procedure. Experts in beauty shop can offer you several options. For example, if you have on face superficial hems, you can be helped by laser peeling. As a result of this procedure the upper cells of epidermis evaporate and make room for new.

The laser peeling can be cold or hot. At the same time in the first case of skin cell are removed layer-by-layer, and the lower covers do not get warm. When it is necessary to achieve bigger result, use hot laser peeling.

It is possible to try to make chemical peeling. The cosmetologist will choose for you optimum concentration of acids and will remove the upper layer of the skin by means of special means.

The most harmless saloon procedure for problem skin the darsonvalization is considered. It is absolute is painless and has practically no contraindications. Inflammatory processes take place, and traces resolve due to improvement of blood circulation and saturation of skin by oxygen. The procedure is based on influence of high-frequency currents. If you like the first sessions, can buy the Darsonval device and use it at home independently.

It is possible to level integument and to remove dead cells by means of microdermabrasion. It assumes grinding of the person special medicine. All saloon procedures are rather effective, however, are not deprived of shortcomings. There is also risk to get to not the really good expert and to remain as a result with scars on face. It will already be much more difficult to get rid of them, without speaking about that how many it will cost. Besides, all cosmetic methods rather expensive. Good means from spots after pimples is the nonsense. This powdery substance which is received from freshwater sponge. Under its action the condition of the immune system improves and there is regeneration of integuments. By means of nonsense it is possible not only to get rid of post-acne, but also to prevent inflammatory processes. For a start try gel with nonsense. It influences skin more softly and does not overdry it thanks to glycerin in structure. It is necessary to put it on face thin layer as mask. It is necessary to hold on skin no more than 20 minutes. Before it experts advise to check reaction of skin to nonsense on internal bend of elbow. If it seems to you that gel does not cope with the task, you can buy powder with nonsense. He acts more aggressively, but also it is possible to use him only from October to April in the period of reduced solar activity. One more reliable tool from post-acne colloid silver is considered. It is natural antibiotic which destroys bacteria and promotes restoration of the damaged fabrics. Solution of colloid silver can be bought in drugstore. Besides, it is possible to look for gel or cream which part silver is.

With silver be careful. If too often to use it, skin will get gray shade.

In house conditions do masks with white and blue clay. They will bring all toxins out of skin, will clean pores and will clarify problem skin. Clay can be used in pure form or to add as additional component to other masks. Do not forget to purify regularly skin and to use srubs, it will accelerate skin updating process.

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