Spring symmetry

Spring symmetry

For someone the spring — is time for love. For someone — time to open summer season and to plant seedling. For some the spring is associated with new vital stage, revival, awakening. Creative people usually take at this time to the streets in search of inspiration.

And for half of great ladies spring — time when it is necessary to clutch at the head and to begin to grow thin. Soon summer, the sea, the sun, cut-offs and the opened bathing suits, and after winter "here fold, here 200 grams superfluous", etc. And just to bring the organism into tone — useful business. But here to keep to diets and to sweat on exercise machines was a burden not, and in joy, it is possible to choose something interesting for itself. Let's begin with diets, here is where to be developed.

It is worth remembering that with approach of spring various herbs, fruit and vegetables will begin to grow. The vitamins hidden in them not only will help organism to come out hibernation and to raise immunity, but also to recover cheerfulness and health.

Who has told that weight loss not creative process? Competent, improving and adequate weight loss which purpose not to bring itself to exhaustion, and to help organism just and is the duet of imagination and common sense. Here for example, if we ask the child: "What is spring?" he, most likely, will answer "Florets and birdies". We will not begin to touch birds, and here on flowers we will stop. Just from them it is also possible to begin to slim. To create and slim — that can be better.

So, for a start it is necessary to draw on paper flower with 6 petals. Each petal is the day of the week, so, the product.

The first day — fish. This day it is possible to eat fish in any kind (except for fried) in any quantity. The main thing that she was almost fat-free, such as cod. More water! At the end of the day, we paint over "fish" petal colored pencil and we go to bed.

Day two — vegetables. Here almost total freedom of actions. As much as necessary, somehow, with anything. Vegetables, of course. Except for one, it is better to do without fried after all. But boiled, pareny, stewed, crude, with greens and without — options weight. And again we do not forget about water. The its is more, the weight loss is more effective. Day has ended, it is necessary to paint over petal.

The third day — chicken. Restrictions here already more. Chicken fillet and at most 700 grams is necessary.

The fourth day — cereals. Porridge comes out on top: buckwheat or porridge. It is possible to add berries or fruit to porridge. As having a snack — cereal small loafs.

The fifth day — cottage cheese. Without sugar, and no more than 500 grams. It is possible to make cottage cheese casserole or is so. It is very useful and is tasty!

And, at last, the sixth day — fruit. By the principle of the second day: in any quantity, in any kind. Surely with large amount of liquid.

On the termination of diet, we paint over the last petal. There now, both the picture beautiful, and the figure tightened. Minus 4 kg after all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team