Srub from grape seeds the hands

Srub from grape seeds the hands

The srub is surprising cosmetic: it provides health and beauty of integument, struggles with its signs of aging, narrows enlarged pores, normalizes activity of sebaceous glands and also supports skin tone. Srubs of house preparation, for example, the cleaning cosmetic from grape seeds are especially popular.

Surprisingly, but grape seeds – the most valuable part of berries: they contain 90% of all useful substances which are present at grapes. So, grape seeds are rich with linoleic, palmitic, olein, palmitoleic and stearin acids and also proteins, antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins C, A, B, PP and other biologically active components.

For preparation of self-made srubs recommend to use grape seeds of red grades: they are washed, dried and crushed in ceramic or wooden mortar (it is better not to use the coffee grinder as grape acid enters oxidizing reaction with metal).

The recipe of this cosmetic with the cleaning effect is as follows: - 100 ml cream-soap; - 1 tsps of linseed oil; - 4-5 drops of aromatic tea tree oil; - 1 tsps of oil of sweet almonds; - the crushed grape seeds; - the dried-up crushed thin skin of grape berries. Soap base is mixed with oil of sweet almonds and linseed oil. Then enrich structure with the crushed grape seeds and peel (dense pastelike weight as a result has to turn out) and mix in essential oil. The ready srub is applied to face skin the gentle massing movements, left for 5-7 minutes then wash away warm water. This cosmetic can be used for combined like skin. Store ready srub in the glass densely closed capacity in the fridge it is no more than 2 weeks.

That in house conditions to prepare this cleaning cosmetic, use such components: - 1 tsps of oil from grape seeds; - 1 tablespoons of gel for washing or milk; - 1 tsps of the crushed grape seeds; - slightly grape juice. The amount of the used grape juice depends on skin type. So, owners of dry type of skin should add some drops of juice, and here for oily skin with enlarged pores it is necessary to take 1-2 tsps of juice. Components carefully mix. The ready srub is put on face then skin is massed by 2-5 minutes and wash away the cleaning mix cool boiled water.

For preparation of this cleaning mix take such ingredients: - 1 tablespoons of shower gel; - 1 tablespoons of olive oil; - 1 tablespoons of the crushed grape seeds. Oil is mixed with shower gel and the crushed grape seeds. Ready means is used during bathing as shower gel: the self-made srub is applied to skin the massing movements within 3-5 minutes, then washed away.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team