Standards of beauty - time travel

Standards of beauty - time travel

fashion is transient, as well as time. And every time had standards of beauty the same as each people have standards.

Once the new star was lit in sky of show business, women began to copy its image. Marylin Monro became striking example in the 50th years. Its womanly figure with curvy shapes and slender waist became example of beauty for the whole world and remains in fashion today. And after it one more star - Audret Hepber was lit. The bright appearance and fragile figure fascinated not only male half of humanity, but also many women who aimed to become similar to it. In England the new 80-55-80 standard, the standard of painful leanness was approved. The supermodel Tviggi became model of imitation for millions.

The 80th years have received the new fashion-maker who has received popularity thanks to the sexuality and shocking. Madonna (Louise Ciccone) became sex bomb of that time. And, as well as Merlin Monro, remains popular and today.

The 90th years have returned fashion for leanness. Kate Moss has caused criticism wave in the address. However the 21st century has presented us new sex symbol Angelina Jolie. Her bright appearance is known, probably, by each modern person. It would be desirable to notice that the fashion changes not only eventually, but also each people have culture and the standards.

So, for example, in Ancient Japan the main criterion of beauty the small leg at the girl is considered. Since early years the parents cared for that the girl was not ""ugly creature"". Wound her leg and put on special footwear that the leg did not grow in length. Unfortunately, it is very painful since the girl hardly moved and could not stand on the feet strong. In the Indian tribes the long neck at women is considered beautiful. Since early years girls put on special rings neck. And by the time of when it needed to marry, her neck was in length of 20-35 centimeters. And if she was convicted of treason, then rings were removed, and she died of the fact that the neck broke, without having sustained head weight. Somewhere the recognized beauty the woman with tattoos on face or with shramirovaniye is considered. So, lovely ladies, be not afraid to be yourself. Time is transient, and the pursuit of fashion not always means maintaining health. How many girls have died from anorexia, and, by the way, in Renaissance ample bodied ladies were considered as beautiful. On taste and color, as we know, there are no companions. Only in the body which you look after and which you love other people will be able to fall in love with you really.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team