Stone therapy. Features of the procedure

Stone therapy. Features of the procedure

The stone therapy is the way of impact on biologically active points of human body stone massage pursuing medical and cosmetic effect.

The mankind applies methods stone massage since the most ancient times. It was applied in Ancient Rome and Mesopotamia. The American Indian tribes, natives of Africa, the Japanese monks and the Chinese healers used powerful energy of stones for disposal of many diseases.

Modern researches of scientists-physiotherapists and reflexologists not only confirm efficiency and undoubted advantage stone massage, but also allow to create the new methods of medical massage including the most ancient experience of doctoring and modern medical knowledge.

In terms of applied medicine the stone therapy is organic combination of different types of massage with pointed cold or warm acupuncture impact on organism. The stone therapy mentions deep mechanisms of relaxation and health, revives energy potential of organism.

Stone massage is carried out by means of smooth stones of volcanic or sea origin, pieces of marble and even semiprecious stones, for example moonstone, rhinestone, nephrite, lazurite and others.

Appointing stone procedure, the physiotherapist is obliged to consider age and the state of health of the patient, to reveal possible contraindications and only after it to appoint one of types of massage. Conditionally techniques massage stone procedures are grouped in temperature parameters of the used stones: application only the warmed stones, application only the cooled stones or the contrast procedure with simultaneous or variable use of the warm or cooled stones. Optimum temperature of heating of stones - 45-55 °C, and cooling - 10-0 °C.

Of course, it is impossible to call stone therapy panacea from all diseases, but it with success is applied to treatment of many of them, to maintenance of organism in tone and improvements of the general state of health.

The stone therapy is actively used in complex of therapeutic treatment of migraines, insomnias, frequent differences of mood, chronic fatigue, hormonal violations, by metabolic disorders, diseases of digestive tract, diseases of joints. The stone massage is amazingly effective at treatment of excess weight, cellulitis, during the rehabilitation period of recovery.

Experienced physiotherapists recommend to adopt procedures stone therapy not more often than two times a week. In case of lack of possibility of receiving the stone massage in specialized salon is always opportunity to perform this procedure in house conditions. Of course, in order that stone therapy in house conditions has yielded positive results, it is necessary to possess at least basic knowledge about massage and biological points of human body. Therefore before starting holding procedure, it is necessary to study literature of the corresponding subject carefully.

House the stone therapy quite will be suitable for carrying out large pebble, the sea naked child, the ground marble. It is very useful, having spread out on floor stones of the average size, several minutes to walk on them, shifting from one foot to the other from heel on sock. On feet of legs, as well as on palms, the set of the active biological points which are responsible for work of all internals of the person which at impact on them quickly enough become active is located and force organism to find internal resources for improvement.

Now stone therapy has got official recognition, popularity and the status of the independent cosmetology direction worldwide.

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