Strengthening of hair grape seeds oil

Strengthening of hair grape seeds oil

Use of oil from grape seeds versatile: it is applied in cookery, traditional medicine, aromatherapy and cosmetology. This hair oil is especially valuable: it strengthens the weakened and injured hair, allocating them with the vital force and smart gloss.

Oil of grape seeds richly macro - and microelements (sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and others), vitamins (vitamins A, With, In, E are in the lead), flavonida, enzymes, chlorophyll, fatty polyunsaturated acids, etc. Thanks to so various structure this oil awakens the "sleeping" hair bulbs, stabilizes production of elastinovy and collagenic fibers in the cages which are responsible for force and elasticity of hair accelerates blood-groove, delivering to hair bulbs oxygen and nutrients. All this promotes strengthening of head of hear.

At hair care, grape seeds oil can be used in pure form or as one of components of cosmetic mix. If grape oil is used in pure form, before drawing it is slightly warmed up on water bath up to the comfortable temperature. Apply single-component mask on the hair which are washed up by soft shampoo on all their length and on head skin. From above cover the head with cellophane package and put on mohair scarf or terry towel. Hold grape oil about an hour, then wash away it warm water and rinse hair with camomile broth or the cool water acidified by lemon juice. Such strengthening procedure is recommended to do twice-three times a week.

For strengthening of effect it is possible to add to grape oil 2-3 drops of aromatic tea tree oil, lavenders, rosemary or any other.

To restore damaged and to strengthen the weakened hair the mask prepared according to the recipe for which it is required will help: - 2 tablespoons of grape oil;

- 1 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar; - 2 tablespoons of oat flakes. Oat flakes crush in flour and mix with oil and vinegar. Further nutritious means is applied on radical system and locks, cover the head with food wrap and warmed terry towel. In half an hour-hour, oat gruel is washed away warm water with soft shampoo and rinse hair with the grass infusion cooled up to the comfortable temperature (camomile, urticaceous or lime). Recommend to do such strengthening mask at least twice a week.

At split ends apply the curative cocktail which is warmed up on water bath up to the comfortable temperature consisting of shea butter, castoric and grape oils on hair (each component take 10 ml). 1-1.5 hours hold mask.

For acceleration of growth and recovery of structure of hair do nutritious mask as a part of which there are following components: - 4 tablespoons of grape oil; - 3 drops of aromatic oil of rosemary; - 4 drops of essential oil of cinnamon; - 2 tsps of jojoba oil. Oil cocktail is mixed, applied on clean dry hair, from above they are wrapped up with food wrap and turned in mohair scarf. Such strengthening means is held about an hour then wash away water of comfortable temperature. Cosmetic procedures with use of this nutritious mask are recommended to perform twice-three times a week.

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