Strengthening of hair sea-buckthorn oil

Strengthening of hair sea-buckthorn oil

To have healthy and beautiful curls, it is absolutely optional to resort to expensive cosmetic products. Sea-buckthorn oil is excellent and long ago the reliable tool helping to make hair thick and silky.

Masks for hair with sea-buckthorn oil

To get rid of hair loss, warm up 2-3 tablespoons of sea-buckthorn oil on water bath and evenly apply on locks, rubbing it massage movements within 10-15 minutes. After that wrap up the head with polyethylene film and warm towel. Wash away oil in 1-1.5 hours large amount of water with use of shampoo. Repeat the procedure not less than 2-3 times a week.

For strengthening of growth of hair part dimeksid with cold boiled water in the ratio 1:8. Then mix 1 tablespoon of this solution with 2-3 tablespoons of sea-buckthorn oil. Apply ready mix on the head and rub in roots of hair. In 15-20 minutes wash away mask with shampoo and rinse the head with the acidified water. Use this means 2 times a week.

Mix of sea-buckthorn, burdock and castoric oils will help to recover the injured hair. Each ingredient take on the 2nd tablespoons, mix everything and warm up on water bath. For achievement of bigger effect you can add to structure 2 drops of vitamins A and E. Rub ready means in roots of hair, then distribute on all length. After that put on polyethylene hat and wrap up the head with towel. 30 minutes later wash away mask with shampoo use. To prepare means for dry hair, at first make burdock root broth. For this purpose fill in 3 tablespoons of dried root of burdock with 1.5 glasses of boiled water, put on slow fire and you cook within 15 minutes. Cool broth, filter and enter into it 5 tablespoons of sea-buckthorn oil. Having carefully mixed, apply means on dry hair in 30 minutes prior to washing of the head.

Several nuances of use of sea-buckthorn hair oil

First, sea-buckthorn oil before application needs to be warmed up slightly. And after remedy use it is better to rinse curls with grass camomile, nettle decoction or linden. Secondly, masks for hair on the basis of sea-buckthorn oil need to be prepared just before the application. It is important to mix all ingredients carefully before receiving homogeneous mass. And it is better to put mask with hands, massaging head skin a little. Thirdly, it is not necessary to exceed mask usage time. Fourthly, before application of mask with sea-buckthorn hair oil it is necessary to check whether there are in its structure no components capable to cause in you allergic reaction.

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