Stylish hairstyles on hair to shoulders the hands

Stylish hairstyles on hair to shoulders the hands

The hair are longer, the big imagination can be shown in hairstyle, but and it is more difficult to that to stack them. Length to shoulders is very convenient that it allows to create practically any image, having spent at the same time minimum of efforts and time.

The simplest hairstyles for every day

One of the most stylish, but at the same time very practical hairstyles – to fix part of hair, having left the others dismissed. For this purpose it is necessary to collect upper part of hair and to fix it behind. It is possible to use various hairpins and invisible beings or thin scrunchy. This hairstyle not only looks is womanly and it is beautiful, but allows to create its various variations. Tighten up hair nippers, having created elegant curls and having fixed them it is delicious for laying, and then collect hairstyle – at the correct selection of clothes it will be so possible to go to any place: from work to theater.

If it is convenient to you to take away all hair, for this purpose too there is mass of opportunities. the Greek hairstyle is popular now. The special elastic band on the head is for this purpose necessary. You put on it and you collect hair behind by separate locks, turning around elastic band and removing inside, under it. It is very womanly and it is fashionable. Plus this hairstyle in its universality. As well as previous, it will approach on any case.

In spite of the fact that hair to shoulders do not allow to collect high horse tail, hairstyle which would be so practical and simple, it is quite possible to make with own hands. It is low bunch. Collect hair in low tail and fix by elastic band, then twist hair in plait and wrap around elastic band. It is possible to fix such hairstyle by hairpins. If short hair are beaten out, use reticulum for hair. Curls – the simplest hairstyle for hair of average length. This laying becomes in several minutes. Twist separate locks at the person nippers or the curling iron and fix curls by mousse or foam for laying – that's all! It is stylish and accurate hairstyle which is easy for making when there is not enough time.

More difficult and inventive hairstyles

Experiment with braids. Such hairstyles well keep, they are diverse and original. The French braids look very beautifully with any type of hair and appearance. Braid braid, since small locks and gradually adding hair on the hairstyle course. It is possible to make the framing braid. It is possible to make several small braids going from front part of hair back, to fix them at nape, and behind to twist hair. So the magnificent hairstyle will turn out. If you want to look stylish, it is possible to use piles also. This element creates volume and allows to do hair in style of the 50th that now is very fashionable. For this purpose comb hair on the top, lay back, and then cover from above and on each side and fix hair. If desired such hair can be done on all hair, having collected them up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team