Sue's curly: merits and demerits of curly hair

Sue's curly: merits and demerits of curly hair

The hairstyle is one of the main details of appearance, both at the man, and at the woman. For this reason pay it not less attention, than clothes.

Straight or curly hair?

The paradox of this choice is that most of curly girls dreams of straight hair, and women with straight hair wish to have beautifully curling curls. Also campaigns in workshop for straightening or twisting of hair begin so that their appearance did not change even at heavy rain.

Why does that happen? The fact is that to build hairstyle on straight hair is quite difficult business: at the slightest whiff of wind all carefully laid hairstyle scatters in a flash. Also neither superstrong fixers of varnishes, nor skin help here. It is necessary only – to go one exit to hairdressing salon and to do itself chemical wave. However, owners of straight hair have also pluses: their hair do not exfoliate from thermal influence, also the maintenance of fat content or dryness on all length everywhere equally easily comb hair.

Owners of curlies have problems too. Yes, of course, their hair do not demand careful laying, besides it is enough to sprinkle a little on them varnish – and the hairstyle is ready. But there are also shortcomings: curly hair is extremely gentle on the structure. One careless movement by hairbrush or drying of hair phenom – and at once split ends on hair appear.

One more problem consists in distribution of fat content – it much on the ends and is practically not present on all length. For this reason the head skin is constantly shelled, itches and causes different types of rash. Therefore there are such happy and, at the same time, unfortunate girls to hairdressing salon for holding procedure of hair straightening.

There is a solution always!

It would seem, girls with curly hair are simply doomed to the constant procedure of straightening. But, as they say, exit is always! Here main methods of fight against problems of curly hair:

  • ·         The nutritious and strengthening mask. It is designed to soften hair and to make them silky. To do it, best of all, in hairdressing salon.
  • ·         Trimming of split ends. At their slightest manifestation it is necessary at once, sharp manicure nozhnichka to cut off the ends of hair.
  • ·         Natural conditioners. All means of this sort containing camomile are extremely useful at curly hair care as do them elastic. It is also possible to make camomile infusion independently: to fill up dry leaves of camomile, to fill in with boiled water and to allow to infuse.
  • ·         Natural dyes. To it henna and basma belong. Along with the useful properties – strengthening of roots, elasticity - they paint hair in fair-haired or chestnut color.
  • ·         Correct drying of hair. It is impossible to pound just washed up hair towel to dryness. The best exit – to wrap the head towel and to wait for full absorption of moisture in it. And if, at the same time, to raise them a little, then they will look very beautifully.
  • ·         Right choice of hairbrush. The crest with antistatic covering, that is it which does not carry out electric discharges is required.

Thus, correctly looking after the hair, you will forever forget about the desire to straighten them and also will constantly use special attention from men.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team