Summer hair care

Summer hair care

What we only do not remember, packing suitcase in long-awaited holiday. At least three perfume, practically all shoe stock "fly" to baggage (and all the same it seems that it is not enough!), drugs for all misfortunes of the world, various lotions and means of make-up resolutely for all cases of life. About what we most often forget, so it about hair preparations. No, we do not speak about those varnishes and skins for party which already for certain are based in your suitcase. We have already heard a lot and warned about potential negative impact of the sun on skin, but, unfortunately, on return home, we find necessary to run to the hairdresser with so unexpectedly "drooped" head of hear, questioning "What to do?".


  1. The sun promotes thinning and aging not only skin, but also hair. How does it occur? Hair, as well as in integument, contain collagen. In case with skin it helps it to remain elastic, and it protects structure of hair from fragility and slight stretching. If at you it does not turn out to find shampoos and balms with the sun-protection filter, then try to protect hair hat or scarf.
  2. If you paint hair, then try not to do it before or during the trip. Especially it concerns clarification – pigment of your hair and will so a little collapse and hair "will burn out". But if you are painted in average or dark shades, then through some time after the holiday it is possible to dye hair the sparing paint. It will feed hair and "will fill" their structure, slightly condensing them.
  3. After bathing, sea salt needs to be washed away at once. It mercilessly dries up hair. Do not neglect shower with clear water on the beach! After you have washed away salt, it is possible to apply special light hair oil.
  4. If you sometimes prefer to the sea the pool at hotel then too is what to be afraid. Of course, to force you to put on rubber hat when so there is a wish to stand out, we will not be able, but is not difficult to put the protectant before swimming at all, the truth? Here it is better to give preference to the same oils. They besides will give to hairstyle beautiful texture.
  5. Eat vitamins, sea fish and vitamins of group B especially strongly. In such pleasant for you and time, wearisome for hair, they will help them from within.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team