Summer manicure "Ladybugs"

Summer manicure "Ladybugs"

Bright, unusual manicure in the form of ladybugs will present summer mood to the owner. The drawing is simple performed by, it is even easy to make it by that who is not able to draw. Manicure approaches both on long nails, and on short.

It is required to you

  • Varnish three flowers: black, white and red, basic covering basis, thin brush, dots, varnish-fixer.


1. Before manicure the nails become covered by basic covering. It is necessary to level and give well-groomed look to nail plate.

2. After the basic covering has dried, we cover nails with red varnish in one layer. If varnish liquid, we repeat the procedure, having put repeated layer and having allowed it to dry.

3. Brush we draw the line of growth of nail plate, imitating the French manicure. We paint over the designated area of nail black varnish

4. After varnish has dried, we carry out from the beginning of nail thin strip vertically up, thereby dividing nail into two parts.

5. To draw black dots, we use dots, slightly dipping it in drop of black varnish and transferring points to nail. On each half it is necessary to draw 3-4 black dots. Dots we wipe with acetone for use in the subsequent work. As soon as black dots dry, we pass to nail tip.

6. It is necessary to draw eyes to our cow. Dots we dip in drop of white varnish and we transfer two points, to edge of nail, drawing eyes. Manicure needs to dry completely then for saving the drawing and color we cover nails with varnish-fixer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team