Summer masks for health and beauty of hair

Summer masks for health and beauty of hair

The richness of the vitamins and mineral substances which are contained in berries fruit and vegetables is incomparable with anything. Especially well their influence during their natural maturing. If you wish to have healthy and beautiful hair, apply berries, fruit and vegetables to preparation of masks for hair in house conditions.


  1. Mask from green lukavsy it is known how onions for hair are curative. Onions strengthen roots of hair and accelerate their growth, but very little who uses onions masks because of their terrible smell. Replace onions with green. Vitamins B it is mute not less, and the green onions much more weakly and more greens, than onions smell. Use only green feathers for mask. Pound in gruel several feathers of green onions so that it has started up juice. Rub gruel in roots of hair, wrap the head plastic bag, and over it terry towel. In hour wash away mask, and wash up the head shampoo. The mask is suitable for all types of hair.
  2. From berries in the Flying oily hair becomes even fatter than Musk therefore it is necessary to do one-two times a week for oily hair mask of acid berries. Crush several berries of ripe strawberry and handful of blackcurrant (it is possible immature). Add to the berry weight of 1 tablespoon of acid sour cream or curdled milk and mix. Apply mix to head skin and radical part of hair. Put on the head hat for shower. In 20 minutes wash away, and wash up the head with shampoo. The mask very well removes the excessive fat content of hair. But it should be applied to fair hair with care: if currant ripe, they can be painted.
  3. Mask from ogurtsovperesushenny summer heat hair need additional moistening therefore it is desirable to do once a week mask of fresh cucumbers in the flying. Rub one peeled cucumber on small grater, add to it 1 h spoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, mix and apply on dry hair. Put on hat for shower or wrap the head plastic bag. In 30 minutes wash away mix and wash up the head shampoo. The mask not only well moistens hair, but does them smooth and adds gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team