Sunbed for suntan: rules, advantages and shortcomings of the procedure

Sunbed for suntan: rules, advantages and shortcomings of the procedure

With approach of the first warm days when sunshine still are not enough, the sunbed can become way of acquisition of beautiful suntan. However experts do not advise to abuse this procedure to avoid problems with health. Admirers of equal suntan, on the contrary, claim that use of sunbed is much safer, than stay under the scorching beams of the sun.

As well as any cosmetic procedure, use of sunbed has the advantages and shortcomings. The main thing in everything to observe measure, not to aim to receive beautiful suntan at the price of own health.

Follow the following rules at visit of sunbed:

  • Use sunglasses for eyes and hat for hair.
  • Apply the recommended suntan preparations not to get burns.
  • Do not use decorative cosmetics, spirits, deodorants before visit of sunbed. In combination with ultraviolet rays these means can cause serious allergic reactions.
  • Do not try to receive bronze tan for one session. Observe the principle of gradualness. Do not exceed time of stay in sunbed recommended for your type of skin.
  • After the procedure moisten body with special milk or lotion.

Advantages of use of sunbed to suntan practically same which natural sunlight gives us:

  • Under the influence of ultraviolet in human body the endorphines nicknamed from someone's easy hand "joy hormones" are formed. So, visit of sunbed is capable to save from bad mood and to help to cope with depression.
  • Ultraviolet rays are capable to oppress formation of pathogenic bacteria on the surface of skin. It can promote treatment of inflammatory manifestations.
  • Completion in vitamin D organism, impossible without stay under sunshine which with success replaces sunbed, serves as excellent prevention of destruction of bone tissues.
  • Besides, visit of sunbed since early spring prepares organism for beach season. Is guarantee that skin adapts to ultra-violet radiation and sunshine will not lead to burns.

Use of sunbed conceals in itself and the dangers also similar to harm from long stay in the sun:

  • Abuse of procedures for suntan can lead to formation of malignancies on skin, such as melanoma. Ultraviolet can provoke emergence on skin of the pigmented spots. This disease is called vitiligo and difficult responds to treatment.
  • At hypersensibility by sunlight, at some people under the influence of procedures for suntan skin presenilation, the strengthened formation of wrinkles can be observed.
  • Without insufficient protection when using of sunbed it is possible to get burn of cornea of eyes that will lead to serious diseases, for example cataract.

Even if to observe all precautionary measures and the principle of gradualness when using sunbed for suntan, it is necessary to remember that there is category of persons to whom stay under direct ultraviolet rays is contraindicated.

  • As refusal of visit of sunbed such diseases as diabetes, hypertension, local craw and other violations have to serve in work of endocrine system.
  • It is not necessary to use sunbed to pregnant women and the feeding women.
  • To people who on skin have birthmarks papillomas and pigmental spots, before visit of sunbed it is necessary to consult to the dermatologist. These skin formations under the influence of ultraviolet can regenerate in malignant tumors.

Suntan in sunbed at observance of necessary precautionary measures can have positive impact on health and do to organism irreparable harm if to abuse solar procedures. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team