Swarovski crystals - the best friends of girls

Swarovski crystals - the best friends of girls

Though in one song it is sung that "the best friends of the girl – diamonds", however many try to put on jewelry with these gemstones in special cases. But give preference in everyday life to products with crystals. Crystals from Swarovski enjoy special popularity.

Scope of crystals from Swarovski

From the very beginning of existence of the brand of Swarovski of product with these stones began to attract genuine interest of choosy public, and have soon turned into symbol of success and wealth. Even famous Coco Chanel has paid attention to them that has considerably warmed up demand for Swarovski. Among admirers of crystals those who were ready to lay out for them tens of thousands of US dollars began to appear.

Now Swarovski crystals are used not only for creation of fashionable jewelry. They are the integral attribute of many dancing and gymnastic suits, and product cost directly depends on quantity and grade of the used stones.

Also often inlay with them home decoration: hours, chandeliers, mirrors. Some prefer to decorate Swarovski the cell phone, the dashboard in the car, jeans, handbag or any other favourite subject. Recently crystals with dusting of "transmission", transparent, with gold outflow enjoy wide popularity. Similar properties also the Golden Shadow models with sateen dusting, slightly darkening color of the main stone have. These stones are often applied to creation of patterns on fabric. And Aurora Boreale crystals with shade of light blue usually decorate cell phones, charms, points and other products from solid materials.

Novelties from Swarovski

The Swarovski company does not stand still and several times a year releases new collections of jewelry and accessories on joy to the admirers. Besides, designers use new color schemes for creation of stones, experiment with facet. For example, not so long ago the company has released "crystal tattoos". They are fine alternative of jewelry from rhinestone. They can be glued on the person and other parts of body. Several options are offered to buyers: to buy ready "tattoo" in the form of heart, butterfly and other figures, or to get bag of crystals and to lay out the drawing on skin independently. In set hypoallergenic glue is applied to products, and "tattoos" at careful leaving will hold on about 2 weeks. Especially elegantly "crystal tattoos" will look on suntanned or swarty skin. They will become fine addition of your dress for visit of club or on party.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team