Tablets for hair: what ingredients do they have to contain?

Tablets for hair: what ingredients do they have to contain?

Tablets can be useful to hair at their leaving. It is worth remembering that many factors affect health and condition of our hair, only some of which depend on their external leaving. Shampoos, conditioners and masks will influence our hair properly, only if functioning of our body properly regulates their growth and durability.

Loss of dry hair can be sign of significant shortage of vitamins or minerals which help to fill tablets for hair. They supplement their correct leaving. But, of course, the balanced diet including various ingredients and based on the fresh, raw products always has to be the first step to maintenance of good condition of locks.

However, if we cannot so eat and try to fill the damage caused during diet with low variety, you can address drugs and dietary supplements which will improve not only condition of our hairstyle, but also health of all organism.

It is necessary to remember that absorption of these ingredients will be not such effective, as in case of natural sources. In efficiency of additives the concentration of this substance which is usually described in units of weight, micrograms and standard daily rate of consumption is important. Tablets for hair: group B vitamins

Vitamin complex B is classical additive for strengthening of hair. So what advantages of additive of vitamin B? It takes part in metabolism, work of blood and nervous systems. The deficiency of this vitamin is shown by dry skin and hair and also problems with mood or concentration. It is important to note that food processing negatively affects their durability that can lead to the fact that even at the balanced food we deliver these elements too little.

B1 vitamin - thiamin — its influence is especially important. It not only important element in the course of biosynthesis of amino acids of which hair are made but also it regulates work of sebaceous glands. Its shortcoming can lead to faster oily hair and also to problems with blockage of time and pimples. Natural sources: liver, bean, yeast, nuts.

B2 vitamin - Riboflavinum — one more important component of synthesis of amino acids and metabolism of fatty acids. Is responsible for growth and regeneration of hair. Natural sources: liver, cheese, almonds, eggs, salmon, bean, bread from whole wheat.

B3 vitamin - niatsin — its role in organism is connected with metabolism of nutrients for energy release. It is also important for forming of erythrocytes and work of the blood circulatory system, including for ensuring necessary amount of nutrients and oxygen for skin and hair. Natural sources: meat, bean, potatoes, sunflower seeds, yeast.

B5 vitamin - pantothenic acid — participates in exchange processes, influences production of hormones, neurotransmitters and fatty acids. Has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes healing of wounds. Its shortcoming can be shown in violations of the blood circulatory system, such as numbness and pricking in extremities, nervous system and also in depressions and also has huge impact on hair and can lead to their loss and canities. Besides, B5 vitamin participates in formation of keratin which is the main construction unit of hair. Natural sources: liver, mushrooms, avocado, eggs, nuts, bananas.

B6 vitamin - extremely important vitamin connected with production of the amino acids influencing the blood pressure and work of heart. Adding B6 vitamin, we support the process of creation of new hair. Natural sources: chick-pea, potatoes, bananas, buckwheat.

B7 vitamin - biotin — the ingredient which is most often mentioned in advertizing of additives for hair. It influences synthesis of keratin, that is directly condition of hair, their density, gloss and elasticity. It also plays, as well as other complex vitamins of group B, role in metabolism and accumulation of energy. Natural sources: liver, eggs, bread from whole wheat, spinach, tomatoes, nuts, cheese.

Tablets for hair: to mineralydavayta we will get acquainted with several macro - and microelements which additives will help us if we have problems with hair loss, fragility and dryness.

Iron — deficiency of iron can lead to anemia which is already serious disease, but the hair loss can be one of the first signs of lack of iron of diet, it is worth reacting to it in due time. The problem can affect especially people on diets for weight loss or vegetarians because the iron which is contained in meat is very well acquired. Iron participates in production of erythrocytes and, first of all, is blood component which is responsible for oxygen transport to cages. Natural sources: liver, wheat bran, eggs, haricot, parsley.

Zinc — regulates synthesis of keratin therefore it is very important in the course of forming of hair. We can also add zinc when we want to accelerate their growth. Natural sources: eggs, pumpkin sunflower seeds, parsley, haricot, mushrooms, salad, bean.

Magnesium is the mineral connected first of all with work of blood system which is the macrocell directly influencing the major processes in our organism. Its shortcoming will also negatively affect skin and hair. Unfortunately, the deficiency of magnesium is simple — it is washed away coffee, tea, alcohol, and the stress and physical activity have also negative effect on its level. Natural sources: cocoa, spinach, pumpkin sunflower seeds, whole-wheat flour, nuts.

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