Tar spoon for skin

Tar spoon for skin

Tar soap very well is suitable for skin clarification. Even cosmetologists at the address to them with complaints to emergence of scattering of heat-spots advise to use such soap. The range of use of this soap is extremely wide. At first can seem that tar soap reminds economic. But it is incorrect.

Tar soap contains birch tar. This component has properties of antiseptic agent, accelerates healing process. By the way, tar is added to pharmaceutical ointments for the purpose of wound healing effect.

As well as where it is used?

1. Tar soap is the good assistant at various problems: saves from black dots, reduces acne rash, is good prevention at threat of appearance of pimples and obstruction of sebaceous glands. Has the drying effect when drawing on purulent rashes.

2. It will bring notable positive effect at various skin diseases. Doctors advise to use it to the patients having psoriasis, we deprive also dermatitis. It reduces manifestation of these illnesses, reduces the naggers and irritation.

3. It is useful to apply it during the developing of burns, frostbite, decubituses at healing stage.

4. Soap can be used also as means for washing of hair. It strengthens hair, improves their structure, does hairs shiny, hair begin to grow more intensively, the probability of appearance of dandruff and excessive fat content decreases.

How it is correct to apply?

Tar soap at face care is applied every day. In the morning instead of usual washing make foam soap and wash face. Later few weeks of its application the condition of skin becomes healthier, there pass all troubles on face. But at dry skin it is possible to wash with use of tar soap no more once a day. Having washed, remove moisture with soft towel and grease face with cream that there was no dryness of skin.

Using tar soap in quality of care after hair, follow the simple rules. Do not wash away soap hot water, only cool. Because on hair after use of hot water there can be raid. For the correct application it is necessary to make foam soap in hands, and then to apply the received weight on hair. Having soaped hair, leave means on hair for five minutes, and then wash away.

Do not use soap constantly, it can result in excessive dryness of skin. To get rid of unpleasant smell after use of soap, wash hair with water, previously having added to it lemon juice or vinegar. It is also possible to use the ordinary conditioner.

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