Tattoo: pros and cons

Tattoo: pros and cons

The person long since decorates himself with tattoos, its main essence is that it bears certain sense for the person, moreover, it will always accompany the owner. If you have decided on tattoo, first, look for the good master, secondly, well think over the sketch. Also reconcile to the fact that the tattoo is forever.

It is required to you

  • The professional tattooer, independently chosen sketch, the computer with the connected Internet, sterile tools, the laser, paint, henna.


  1. Before doing tattoo, find good tattoo salon. It has to be the clean room with sterile tools, on your eyes all tools have to be processed, and needles have to be unpacked at you. Caps for paint and necessary nozzles also have to be disposable. The master has to work in gloves. Sterility – the main rule of work to the Tat master, otherwise you risk to catch different diseases together with tattoo, all tools contact to leather and blood. From the Tat master it is better to refuse for the same reasons at home.
  2. If in the course of work on fault of the master you formed bleeding, then be ready to receive not tattoo, but scar at the exit. Any blood – sign of nonprofessionalism.
  3. If you have not found the sketch, for example, on the Internet, will offer you the catalog in salon. Besides, the exclusive drawing can offer and the master, naturally, the sketch will be many times dearer. The tattoo begins with the drawing. As soon as you have decided on the sketch, by means of special paper it will be transferred to body. Be ready to pain: the contour is directed by means of needle, that is in skin make openings and drive into them paint. Moreover, the tattoo is big time expenditure. Even on the small drawing about 4 hours can leave. On drawings of bigger scale also several days, between each calling – also time for which the leather covered with tattoo will begin to live can leave.
  4. After work on tattoo is finished, apply antiseptic agent which needs to be put several times a day to the processed skin. Time will be determined by the master. Be ready also to formation of crust on the place of wounds, it should not be combed or broken. To wet the site of skin on which the tattoo flaunts, is also not necessary before full healing of wounds.
  5. If your tattoo multi-colored, then be ready to additional expenditure: it should be updated from time to time because paint will begin to grow dull.
  6. If you are not sure that tattoo – it is valid the fact that it is necessary for you, try to make tattoo henna. It is the painless procedure, henna without use of needle is applied, and such tattoo in 3-4 months is removed.
  7. But if to you suggest to try temporary tattoo with use of other materials, do not believe: such tattoos will not be temporary, they should be brought also by means of masters. Having done tattoo once, remember: it forever. Provide whether even the small asterisk will decorate you at respectable age? Even the laser is not able to save body from tattoo up to the end. On its place anyway there will be scar or pigmental spot, and process is traumatic for skin, and you will feel severe pain. Removal of tattoo quite often takes half a year and even more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team