Tattoos, shramirovaniye, piercing: ornament or deformation?

Tattoos, shramirovaniye, piercing: ornament or deformation?

people often come under others influence, including influence of fashion which, sometimes, is too cruel and sometimes even causes irreparable damage to health. One of such rather offensive modern fashionable the trend is the culture of tattoo, shramirovaniye and piercing.

Tattoo – the drawing executed on body by introduction under dye skin. Since the most ancient times of tattoo use in various tribes with the purpose to show the social status of the person or to tell about its family tree and many other things. However in the modern civilized world tattoo no more than extravagant decoration of body. Before drawing tattoo on body, it is necessary to take into consideration that, most likely it will remain with you for the rest of life. Even if you also decide to reduce it that, by the way, is more expensive, than drawing tattoo, then after data on skin all the same there will be trace in the form of scar. Drawing is rather painful procedure in the course of which if to make it in insufficiently hygienic conditions, it is possible to bring in organism various infections from hepatitis to HIV. Temporary tattoo on the basis of henna it is also unsafe as it can cause allergic reaction.

Shramirovany also name way of drawing the drawing on body, however it is a little in a different way. The integument is made an incision under certain corner or cauterized, leaving behind decorative scars. As well as the tattoo, shramirovaniye can incur for themselves various infections and blood infection if to carry out it in doubtful conditions, for example, at home, with use of alcohol as anesthesia.

Piercing – puncture into which the decorative earring is inserted. Such puncture can be made practically on any part of body, including ears (not only classical lobes, but also sink), eyebrows, nose, lips, nipples, navel, genitals. Piercing seems the most harmless procedure from all above-mentioned, however the puncture made in house conditions or in the wrong place can become the reason of inflammation or infection of organism with various dangerous viruses and infections. The puncture of language can become the reason of partial loss of flavoring feelings, and piercing of female nipples can prevent breastfeeding. Piercing in general is contraindicated to people with the weakened immunity and chronic diseases. Before deciding on one of similar jewelry you remember that with age you will begin to be ashamed of it, it partially or completely will remain on your body forever as it is difficult to get rid of similar ornament or it is impossible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team