Tea Pu-erh is drug?

Tea Pu-erh is drug?

China – the homeland of tea, in this country the culture of cultivation of different grades of this drink contains not one millennium. Black, green, white and red teas are different rate of fermentation of tea leaves, and here, for example, oolong tea or oolong and also Pu-erh is the grades which are grown up in different provinces. Pu-erh many unsophisticated fans of this drink perceive the toning and invigorating effect of tea as slight alcoholic and even drug intoxication.

Tea Pu-erh

This tea is grown up in the County of Puer located in the Chinese province of Yunnan in the territory of which there are numerous tea factories specializing in this grade of tea. It is subdivided, depending on processing, on Shen Puer – nefermentirovany green tea and Shiu Puer – the fermented tea having intensive cognac-brown shade at zavarivaniye. Taste of these teas special, but also among themselves they are not similar at all.

Someone feels in light-lime infusion Shen Puera prunes, someone - blackcurrant notes, and taste of some types of Shiu Puer has quite sharp shade of tar and even similar aroma. At the correct tea leaves magnificent drink with original taste, so well-loved by true judges of tea turns out.

Properties of tea Pu-erh

The invigorating and especially tonic effect of Shiu Puer is caused by fermentation process thanks to which in tea leaves the content of such substances as theine, theophylline and L-teanin increases. As a result, when you drink several cups of this tea in a row, there is special feeling of freedom, tranquility and ease. Puer do not drink on the run - it is grade for tea ceremonies. The person, without hurrying drinking cup behind cup, becomes the philosopher – he even begins to see the world a little in a different way. For this reason there was wrong, but quite popular belief that Pu-erh – drug. Actually it absolutely not so – it is not harmful and does not cause accustoming, it is drink which helps to reveal to soul and to open to eyes. From the scientific point of view everything quite prosy is explained by chemical composition of this tea. Theine – the substance similar to caffeine, but acting more softly. It stimulates brain activity and has tonic effect on all organism. Large amount of antioxidants which contain in this tea slow down absorbability of theine in blood, as a result you keep healthy cheerfulness long time, but at the same time at you pulse does not become more frequent and pressure, as does not rise at the caffeine use. Unique irreplaceable L-teanin amino acid which in the nature contains only in mushrooms mossiness mushrooms and tea stimulates transfer of nervous impulses between cells of brain, it is natural neurotransmitter. Thanks to it, at consumption of Pu-erh there is feeling of rest and happiness, in brain the substance rendering psychostimulating and at the same time weakening action on the central nervous system is synthesized. Also theophylline has the same effect. It is used also in the medical purposes for improvement of functioning of respiratory muscles, it promotes blood saturation by oxygen.

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