Technology of performance of hardware pedicure

Technology of performance of hardware pedicure

Hardware or medical pedicure – excellent alternative to habitual way of processing of feet and nails. This method allows to do without the cutting tools – all procedures are carried out by means of the special nozzles rotating at great speed. It is simple to seize art of hardware pedicure – already through couple of trainings you will be able quickly and qualitatively to process feet.

Who will suit hardware pedicure

The pedicure by means of nozzles is ideal for the women having too rough skin of feet, tendency to formation of callosities and natoptyshy. The nozzles rotating at high speed perfectly cope with thickenings on nails, clean the sites struck with fungus and also successfully adjust the grown nails. Besides, this type of pedicure is recommended sick diabetes and also to owners of very sensitive skin.

The hardware pedicure has some contraindications. It is not recommended to pregnant women and also people having various allergies.

How to do pedicure

Buy the device with nozzles and also special sanitizer and means for softening of cuticle. Choose the device for house use – professional devices with high speed of rotation are not suitable for beginners as can easily injure skin. Before work attentively read the instruction – devices of different producers can have differences from each other.

Before the procedure do not do leg bath – they will soften skin, and processing by nozzles will not be rather effective. Wipe feet with disinfectant – it can be gel or lotion. Walk towel that skin was completely dry. If necessary truncate nails by means of file, tweezers or scissors. Apply the gel with acids softening skin of feet. Let's it work within several minutes, and then erase dry towel. Put on on the holder of the device nozzle with large grain and process leather of feet, paying special attention to the coarsened sites. Having cleaned the keratosic places, polish skin with melkoabrazivny nozzle, and then wipe feet with disinfecting solution. Process leather between fingers nozzles in the form of cone. Choose degree of abrasivity depending on condition of legs. If there are no keratosic sites in this area, the fine-grained nozzle will approach. Be careful not to injure skin. Apply cream or liquid on the basis of acids on cuticle. Wait minute, and then process cuticle nozzle in the form of ball. It will take away the died-off skin, without injuring nails. Wipe area of processing with towel. Be engaged in nails. Cut thickenings fine-grained nozzle. Do not remove too much, stop more often and control work. Then apply oil or cream on nails and polish plates with the soft felt nozzle adding smoothness and gloss. In conclusion of the procedure grease feet with the moisturizing cream or emulsion.

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