Test by cold: how to help hair with house conditions

Test by cold: how to help hair with house conditions

Winter for hair – the real test. Temperature differences, dry air, need to constantly carry headdress and vitamins B times it is less, than in the flying and in the fall. All this leads to the fact that even the head of hear radiating with health becomes lifeless, dry and not such beautiful as before. Recipes of our grandmothers which could brag of the luxurious spit at all seasons of the year will help to cope with problems.

Hair have lost force and bleskdlya this problem there is excellent decision – house mask. Egg needs to be mixed with castor oil (2 tea spoons), apple cider vinegar and glycerin (on 1 tea spoon). Ready mix needs to be distributed on hair, to wait 15-20 minutes, to wash away warm water.

Hair have begun to split and became dry

Olive and castoric oils, pounded parsley, honey and yolk will be necessary for mask. The amount of ingredients depends on length of hair: ready weight has to be enough to cover with it hair on all length. The head should be wrapped up cellophane and towel for heat. 20 minutes of the pleasant and recovering hair procedure and mask can be washed away warm water.

Hair have lost former objemdlya masks plain ingredients which, as a rule, each hostess has in stock are necessary: egg, tea spoon of honey, 2 tea spoons of olive oil (if hair very long, amount of ingredients it is possible to double). Mix to be applied on all length of hair. In 15-20 minutes the mask can be washed away – the result will be visible at once as soon as hair dry. Hair have begun with elektrizovatsyaspaseniye in similar situation there will be rosemary oil. For miracle mask it needs to be mixed with olive oil in proportion 1:1. The structure is evenly distributed on hair. That the effect was better, oils have to influence hair of at least 15 minutes. After that they need to be washed away. There was irritation and perkhotzima - it is not occasion to have on shoulders of snowflake from dandruff. As soon as such problem arises, it is necessary to eliminate it instantly. The mask from honey, juice of aloe and lemon, castor oil will help with it. Ingredients in equal proportions mix up, applied on roots of hair. Influence time – 15 minutes.

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