Thalassotherapy: plunge into the atmosphere of the sea!

Thalassotherapy: plunge into the atmosphere of the sea!

It is simple to organize home day spa, pleasure derived from the procedure will be not comparable with anything, and the result is invaluable. Skin care by means of thalassotherapy - great and very pleasant manipulation which will be pleasant even to the most exacting persons.

It is required to you

  • - 5 liters of water;
  • - 1 kg of sea salt;
  • - 600 g of thallus of laminaria;
  • - 1 kg of dirt of the Dead Sea;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - brush;
  • - bathtub;
  • - towel;
  • - sheet;
  • - body oil;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - timer.


  1. Correct weight by means of baths with salty water, the Same procedure will help to bring slags out of organism. Fill up sea salt in fabric bag and suspend it to the crane in the bathroom. Include hot water, the stream has to proceed through matter with dry filler. Take temperature to liquid, it is ideal if it does not exceed 38 degrees, plunge into water, bathing duration - 30 minutes. It is better not to wash away salt, and it is worth applying body oil to skin. Have a rest 1.5 hours. You carry out manipulations daily within two weeks. If strongly pulls together skin, it is possible to take break no more than 1 day.
  2. Get rid of fatigue by means of cold wrappings with application of seaweed. Fill in sheet laminaria with water of room temperature, put the bulked-up leaves to skin. Very important in thalassotherapy that the jellylike layer most strongly adjoined to skin. It activates absorption of microelements. Turn back film, from above towel or sheet and have a rest within 30 minutes. Such procedure also improves outflow of lymphatic liquid.
  3. Fill in seaweed with warm water for 20 minutes. Apply to skin and take half an hour, then remove laminaria and turn back film. Lie down half an hour, then wash away water sticky layer. Such kind of thalassotherapy will help not only to get rid of cellulitis and to correct figure, but also to plunge into the atmosphere of the sea.
  4. Use dirt of the Dead Sea in thalassotherapy for receiving silky equal skin. You apply means with dense layer on body, not less than 1/2 cm thick. Be wound with polyethylene film and leave for hour, wash away and apply the moisturizing cream to skin.

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