Than almond oil is useful

Than almond oil is useful

Almond oil is widely used in the cosmetic purposes. Completely natural product received by cold pressing contains vitamins A, E, B, amino acids, radio connections in the structure that provides the biological value of almond oil for regeneration and renewal of cells of epidermis, restoration of production of collagen and elastin.

1. Face skin and bodies systematically needs moistening and nutrition. By means of natural almond oil you will provide to skin full care, restore the normal level of rn-balance.

2. With age in skin irreversible processes of aging begin. The ability to hold moisture is lost by cells of epidermis. Do you wish to slow down aging process? Daily use natural almond oil.

3. The softening properties of almond oil are considered as unsurpassed. At systematic use of natural product you will be able to improve skin color, to give it healthy shine and smoothness.

4. At psoriasis or eczema skin dries and cracks. And, if other cosmetics are not capable to fix for a long time problem, use of almond oil will improve condition of epidermis at once. Many dermatologists recommend to the patients to use almond oil of cold extraction systematically instead of pharmaceutical ointments which have a number of side effects.

5. To prevent emergence of extensions during pregnancy and to make imperceptible already appeared striya you will also be helped by almond oil. You apply small amount of natural product of plant origin on area of breast, stomach and hips after each washing. In several days you will notice that skin became more elastic, elastic. So that extensions do not threaten you.

6. Skin around eyes grows old much quicker. Mimic wrinkles can develop at the age of 20 flyings. Will help to prevent aging and to smooth already available wrinkles almond oil. You apply with easy massage movements small amount of almond oil on upper and lower eyelid. In 15 minutes remove surplus by means of napkin. It is the best of all to do the procedure daily before going to bed. In two weeks you will notice that small wrinkles have completely disappeared, and deep became less noticeable.

7. Gathering in holiday, do not forget to take with yourself small bottle with almond oil. Suntan will lay down more exactly if your skin is most moisturized. If skin has burned down, as means of the emergency help plentifully apply almond oil on all surface of epidermis. Already in a few minutes you will feel noticeable simplification. But the most important, almond oil will prevent emergence of bubbles and flaking of the upper layer of the skin.

8. For care for skin of hands and legs almond oil is simply irreplaceable. It quickly softens and moisturizes the skin, heals small cracks and wounds, holds moisture, saturates median layers of epidermis with vitamins, minerals and to amino acids.

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